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The Montgorock Xàbia Festival warms up: these are the dates of the 2024 concerts

November 07 from 2023 - 10: 14

The Montgorock Xàbia Festival 2024 returns, on its 11th anniversary, to its origins. The festival will be held again in the month of May, specifically, on May 3 and 4, 2024. As usual, Montgorock will have a lineup full of national rock bands, both renowned and emerging groups; a commitment of this festival since almost its beginning.

The groups that will form the poster of the Montgorock Xàbia Festival are not yet known, but we know that the 11th edition of this consolidated rock festival will return to the La Fontana venue.

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  1. Neighbor of the area says:

    Please change the site.
    It is unbearable to be a resident of the area, each year the situation becomes more unpleasant.
    Please, to whomever it concerns, I beg you.
    Let other residents of the municipality enjoy such a nightmare.