The Mig Any of Moros i Cristians of Xàbia proclaims its flag-bearers and presents Emilio Bañuls as captain

Last Saturday, 2 in February, the streets of Duanes de la Mar were filled with music with the celebration of the Mig Any of parties Moors and Christians in Xàbia.

An appointment that serves to take, with more force, the reins of the 2019 parties, which are only six months away. In this celebration, the Mora and Cristiana, Lorena Ros Martínez and Laura Torres Salvador were officially proclaimed and presented to the filà Capitana that will hold the position this year, the Filà Almoradins with Emilio Bañuls as captain of 2019.

The day began with a fraternity lunch that brought together more than a hundred people. In the middle of the morning, an informal entrace took place, with which the Moorish and Christian bands flooded the streets of the seaside neighborhood with music, color and joy, emulating the majesty of the Gala Parade.

The central act of Mig Any took place at noon in the Carrasco salons where, on this occasion, 170 wax
festive and festive went to enjoy a gala dinner and meet, officially, who will be the
maximum representatives of the party during the current holiday season.

The event was attended by the delegate of the National Union of Festeras Entities, Vicente Ivars Llorca, Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, the councilman Festival, Toni Miragall and representatives of different local festivities.

First, the badge of the Board was imposed on the new president of the same, Rubén Femenía Mulet. Fernando Piles,
outgoing president, was in charge of imposing this symbol that accredits Femenia as responsible and coordinator of the party.

Afterwards, those who during the past year occupied a priority position at the head of the
representation of the festival of Moros i Cristians. With great emotion, the Paula Andrés warriors were fired
Lacueva and María Buigues He already called the Captains Trabuquers, Fernando Piles Almela and Virginia Castellano Ruano. TO
all of them were given a commemorative picture with an image of him during the celebration of the festivities of
2018. Both the Flaggers and the Captain thanked their filaes and the party for the treatment received throughout
the festive exercise.

Next, the 2019 Flaggers were proclaimed. First it was the turn of the representative of the side of the half moon, Lorena Ros, of the filà Almoradins. Then, it was the turn of the one in charge of directing the Christian troops, Laura Torres, of the filà Ballesters. Both were imposed the band that accredits them in charge and they were given a bouquet of flowers.

Finally, he presented himself to the filà that will hold the Captaincy of this year. La filà Almoradins, the second oldest comparsa of the party. Its captain is holder of the Premi Sant Jaume and has a long career within the festival.

To finalize the act, the president of the Board of Festes, Rubén Femenia Mulet, addressed all those present
thanking them for their assistance and encouraging the different groups to look to the future together in order to make the party bigger and more unique. The event was closed by the councilor of Fiestas, who recalled that it is unusual for him to speak during this act but, after four years as a councilor, he thought it would be convenient to make a personal and positive assessment of the party and the work carried out during all this type of events. its presidents, Board and filaes.

Finally, the mayor of Xàbia praised the party and encouraged the new president to enjoy it and congratulated the new representatives of 2019.

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