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The Mig Any of Moors and Christians of Xàbia full of music and color Duanes de la Mar

February 19 from 2022 - 16: 37

The festive atmosphere has once again been felt in the streets of Duanes de la Mar. To the sound of Moorish and Christian marches, neighbors and visitors have come to see and record one of the main public events held on the occasion of the Mig Any of Moors and Christians Xàbia.

In the absence of five months for the festivities in honor of Sant Jaume to return to the streets, after the break due to the pandemic, the rows of the Moors and Christians of Xàbia have taken to the streets today with the traditional Entraeta informal from the arcade of Pius X.

Without a doubt, this Saturday's appointment has been a very special reunion for each of the partygoers. Laughter, music and joy have once again marked the start of these festivities.

  1. Federico Belmonte says:

    Normal is back. Why don't you even take photos of the shit they left in the PioX passage, all full of glasses and bottles, dirt everywhere Prepare photos for the dirt of the next event, the carnival What I said, let's go back to normal with more garbage in the streets

  2. Seen seen says:

    Are the photos archive? There is no one who wears masks only one.
    Very dangerous you have to keep a distance if there is no mask or they will close us again.