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The sea invades the coast of Xàbia

January 20 from 2020 - 14: 24

The strong maritime storm that has been affecting the entire coastline of Xàbia since yesterday afternoon Sunday is leaving bleak images in Xàbia. The promenades of La Grava, Spanish Marina, Arenal and La Caleta have been greatly affected by the waves. The force of the sea next to the drag of stones has caused multiple damages in buildings, houses, shops, streets, etc.

In addition, the destruction, which invades a large part of the pedestrian crossing areas and vehicle traffic, has been cut while currently (14 hours), in addition to the rides, Mediterranean Avenue and Overseas Avenue, Bologna Street, Street Milan.

Also, as we have reported, the river has overflowed in two points Therefore, roads that cross the Gorgos River and natural spillways such as Camí de Barranc de Lluca and Pont del Llavador have been cut.

The incidents due to the maritime storm, rain and wind have caused power outages in different areas of the town, falling trees that have cut through traffic and traffic, signs and billboards, small vehicles, etc.

It is recommended to stay away especially from coastal areas and close to the Gorgos River and not leave home if it is not strictly necessary since it is a danger to be dragged by currents or reached by any object that is propelled by strong gusts of wind.

Alerts activated

From the State Meteorological Agency they have deactivated the red level due to coastal phenomena, thus activating the orange level, since the storm seems to remit slightly, but the waves can still reach four meters in height.

As for the wind and rain situation, the preemergence passes to a yellow level with wind gusts that could reach 80 km / h.

This alert is activated until noon tomorrow Tuesday but there are changes in the weather evolution.

We leave different videos of how the storm was observed early this morning.

Port of Xàbia

Published by Jávea.com - Xàbia.com on Monday, January 20 of 2020


Published by Jávea.com - Xàbia.com on Monday, January 20 of 2020

Caleta (Cala Blanca)

Temporary fort in Cala Blanca (Caleta)

Published by Jávea.com - Xàbia.com on Monday, January 20 of 2020

  1. Luisa Pedro says:

    I am very sad to see javea like this all my life I have gone there on vacation and it seems to me the most beautiful part of that part of the coast, the important thing is that there have been no deaths

    • Lourdes Pallares says:

      The same thing happens to me, I go there since childhood.
      I think that we must take very seriously the warnings that scientists have been giving for a long time about climate change

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