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The IES Antoni Llidó expands its educational offer and will teach new baccalaureate modalities

May 23 from 2022 - 15: 20

The IES Antoni Llidó de Xàbia continues to expand its training offer and next year it will teach the Bachelor of Plastic Arts, Image and Design. The Ministry of Education has granted the center a modality that will respond to the great demand that exists in Xàbia and in the surrounding towns to study art-related studies.

Until now, students who wanted to complete the Artistic Baccalaureate had to travel to Dénia. There were students who quit because of the inconvenience of waiting for the bus in the morning and then arriving home very late. Now students with artistic concerns have it easier to train in what they are passionate about.

In addition, Xàbia is a municipality with great artistic effervescence and with numerous exhibition halls where students can get closer to the new artistic movements, as well as exhibit themselves. The schedule of the Artistic Baccalaureate will be diurnal.

“Xàbia is a very creative town. We are offering training that is in great demand and that has many job opportunities. These studies will stimulate new artists and we must not forget that in advanced societies, art and design, which is the application of creativity to everyday life, are an essential lever for progress”, said the director of the IES Antoni Llidó , Amparo Cortell.

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