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The Portitxol Danse Group from Xàbia publishes its third album 'Bona Gent'

30 October 2023 - 09: 27

The Portitxol Danse Group from Xàbia has published its third album, called 'Bona Gent'. This was recorded live on June 18, 2023 in the Plaza de la Iglesia de Xàbia, with the collaboration of the Grup de Danses Font Santa de Teulada, and narrates the passage of San Vicente Ferrer through the lands of the Marina Alta, and the miracles of him.

With this new project, the Portitxol Dance Group continues working with the clear idea of ​​preserving the traditional music and dances that have always been danced in Xàbia and La Marina. The main objective is to enhance and promote customs and traditions transmitted by our ancestors, as well as to recover the dances and songs of our region and also of other Valencian regions.

Some of its members have belonged to the association for more than 50 years, which under different names have written the history of traditional music in Xàbia. The dance group has a large fable, which is supplied by our school with powder and spikes, which brings together the youngest students, to continue preserving this treasure.

The dance school has generated a large group of dancers who perform a varied task in the collective, street dances, school dances and also give life to the Colla de Nanos, mythical characters who always participate in the parades and ritual dances. accompanied by the Colla Portitxol dulzainas and percussion.

In 1998 the group began the task of promoting dulzaina and tabal, forming a school that became the dulzainas and percussion group playing our traditional instruments in the street.

Activities organized by the Portitxol Group periodically include the Dansà del Carrer Nou, which has been danced uninterruptedly since 1992, the Encuentro de Rondalles since 1992, the Corpus Dances since 1998, the Aplec of traditional dances since 1998 and the Tradidanses since 2014 (with performances by Pep Botifarra, Vanesa Muela, Josep Aparicio Apa, the Penalba Brothers...).

When it comes to stage shows, since 2006 the Danish group has tried to merge traditions with new stage proposals. Of these we can highlight the Scenography (2006), (2010), Variations (2012), Singer and Dancing in Estellés (2013), Dressing and Singing in the old way (2016), Poets our dances ours (2017), An inherited treasure ( 2019), Butifarra con Gang (2019 premiere), El dulzainero del Portitxol (2022), Canciones de la Marina (2022) and Bona Gent (2023).

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