The manager of 'La Siesta' explains that the works carried out in the premises were for repair 'not to create a septic tank'

In the plenary session last February, the urban infringement of a fashion establishment located in the area of ​​the First Mountain of Xàbia, La Siesta, was discussed. In the debate, the business manager was mentioned for carrying out the construction of a septic tank, according to the non-attached councilor, Juan Luís Cardona.

On this issue, the director of the business group Javeacompany, Edgar Slama, has explained to the media, in the reopening of Acqua, «That the Siesta has not made any septic tank, but to repair a leak of the existing one». Slama said that all this information translated in the plenary session "It's a lie, Cardona and his party have taken this information to make their own publicity for the election period because they could have verified it easily."

Edgar Slama added about the paralysis of the work for not having a license that "I was effectively notified of the work stoppage, but as it was a repair, the work was minor and was already finished". With regard to the proposal announced in the plenary by the mayor of Urbanism, which indicated the possibility that La Siesta was connected to the sewerage network on Calle Genova, the manager of La Siesta has said that it would be great, «I would be delighted and I think it is an intelligent solution».

The director of Javeacompany has commented on the administrative management indicating that "Jávea is in an administrative chaos because it has to respond to several administrations, not only City Council but Costas and Generalitat and in many cases not all have the same rules. For example, in the case of the first beach line, there is no exact license ».

Javeacompany, the largest hotel group in Xàbia

Javeacompany is a hotel group that comprises a total of seven businesses (Chabada, La Bohême, Acqua, Achill, La Siesta, La Bambula and Mala Vita (Dénia)), becoming the largest in the town with close to 250 permanent employees in season low, reaching to double in summer.

At the inauguration of the Acqua, Slama has reported that after 12 years since the store opened, a new image and style has been created, but keeping the same atmosphere and aimed at the public. With great news in the facilities, Acqua has incorporated a wood oven for pizzas and preserves the grill and the traditional menu.

Also, Javeacompany continues to open the group with a new location. The traditional and historic Las Olas ice cream parlor on the Paseo de la Arenal Beach become part of this group.

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  1. Juanda:

    As you can talk only about the siesta, when there are many businesses in the area of ​​the arenal, also very well off in the area of ​​the javea arenal, doing works where they do not have permission and the police passes has made coffee without asking anything ... that without have work contracts that they do not do and if they do it is part-time.


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