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The Xàbia Government team proposes reestablishing the garbage rate suspended due to the pandemic

November 06 from 2023 - 15: 51

The Xàbia government team has approved raising a series of fiscal measures to the next plenary session. These measures, designed for the year 2024, aim to "help residents and serve as a basis for the preparation of updated municipal budgets," as explained by the Councilor for Finance, Teresa Legay.

As announced, normality will be restored in the garbage rate next year, which had been suspended by the previous government as a measure due to the pandemic. Legay explained that the government's intention is to manage responsibly so that all taxes and fees paid by residents translate into quality services. The collection and treatment of garbage and street cleaning represent a cost of approximately 6 million euros, while the tax collects around 4 million euros, making it a loss-making service.

Among the measures that are desired to be suspended, the collection of the opening fee, the municipal school fee and the elimination of the update of the connection fee charged stand out. Amjasa to new subscribers. Legay noted that drinking water supply tax ordinances had annually increased this rate by 7,88% since 2009. The opening rate is presented as an incentive to open new businesses in the municipality, while the elimination of the The school will benefit 34 families.

These modifications will allow the local government to prepare a budget for 2024 according to the current situation of Xàbia and the economy in general. The councilor stressed that the government team does not plan to increase taxes or fees, since they are committed to responsible management.

This package of fiscal measures will be put to a vote in an upcoming municipal plenary session to be held on Wednesday.

  1. Elisa says:

    Why don't any of my comments appear?

  2. Elisa says:

    If what you charge was to clean the streets and not only that, to clean them!!! The sandy area is full of shit, rats and dead birds, cockroaches everywhere and garbage to count.
    The containers where we have to throw the garbage full of shit and on top of that, opening them by hand and around them everything is full of shit that the garbage cans don't collect.
    Everything is shameful!!

  3. Juan says:

    I have to carry the garbage bags in the trunk, making the car dirty; and I took him a mile and a half; and they want to charge me!?

  4. Saints says:

    Diu measures package…menut package hahaha