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The Xàbia outfall will be repaired in the coming weeks

May 24 from 2022 - 11: 12

The torrential rains of the last week of April caused a displacement between sections in the underwater conduction of the purified waters of Xàbia, a breakage that is going to be repaired by the emergency procedure and that in no case has it entailed an environmental or health risk. Health.

This same week, once the financial offers have been received, the Public Entity for Water Sanitation will award the repair works for this submarine outfall for a total amount of €173.905, corresponding to €153.384 for the work and €20.521 for its management. . The action will consist of connecting the ends that have been displaced, as well as sealing them, burying them and securing them on the seabed.

The works, of minimal affectation in the Arenal Beach, will begin in the coming weeks and it is expected that, with the relevant weather conditions, the connection will be completed before the end of the first half of June and the burial and consolidation on the seabed in the following two weeks.

It should be remembered that the entire Xàbia outfall is reviewed and controlled every six months, making a detailed report of its entire route and status; while the quality of the waters is constantly supervised by the Beach Control Plan carried out by the General Directorate of Water.

The waters that are conducted by the underwater outfall are those already cleaned by the Xàbia Treatment Plant, fully guaranteeing their health in compliance with Royal Decree 1341/2007 on bathing water quality management and reaching the point that they could even be used for agricultural and horticultural irrigation if so required.

  1. Enric says:

    Those of you from xabiacom have sold the skin of the Bear before killing it. The news has an order. Pri. Mere :
    The Emissary is broken 30 meters from the Arenal beach and Segundo will be awarded the Blue Flag. if relevant. when the repair is done. Not the other way around blue flags, the matter is uncovered, it is repaired. What a trio the City Council, Xabiacom and those with the blue flags, to trust. All the best.

    • Luis says:

      You have said it to be trusted... the myth of the Blue Flags has fallen.

    • Cut and paste says:

      It is what the news-cutters have that copy what the city council spreads in the press releases and you do not read that there is a previous publication in another digital medium, putting to broth that everything has been the same for two months... and it already smells to June...

      This copied and loudspeaker press release is the answer, not the news

  2. up to the fucking neck says:

    What a disaster for Jávea, we continue to be incapable as managers, we continue to plunge Jávea into shit.

    • Mariano Mariano says:

      The best beaches of Xàbia in 2022, according to the FEE
      Comment it
      MAY 22, 2022 – 06:15Veronica Blasco
      Several beaches in Xàbia have been chosen by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) as one of the best. Specifically, three areas of the Xabiero coast are on the list along with the beaches of half the world.

      Water quality, environmental management, safety and services are some of the highlights of each of them, which have made them part of this award, the Blue Flag.

      Thus, this badge will wave this 2022 on the following beaches of Xàbia:

      Table of Contents
      Locate Us
      Locate Us
      the gravel
      Locate Us
      Table of Contents
      The Arenal Beach in Jávea is one of the largest and most visited on the coast of the town. In addition, it is the only sand in the entire municipality.

      Image: Tourists on the Arenal beach
      Tourists on the Arenal beach
      With its 480 meters in length, it is an urban beach with shallow waters and coarse sand. This beach is characterized by having a promenade that surrounds it, the David Ferrer Tennis Promenade. This space offers all kinds of services such as restaurants, cafeterias and entertainment venues to enjoy both day and night.

      Among the services it offers is accessibility for people with reduced mobility, surveillance and a lifeguard post, safety beacons for bathers, hammocks and umbrellas and a channel for the entry and exit of boats.

      Locate Us

      For more information about this beach see this link.

      La Cala de la Granadella is one of the most charming and visited. Its 160 meters in length and its paradisiacal enclave in the middle of nature makes it a must-see.

      Image: The Cala de la Granadella in Xàbia
      The Cala de la Granadella in Xàbia
      La Granadella is characterized by being a rustic cove with crystal clear waters and gravel (rounded stones). Its services include surveillance and a first-aid post, the practice of water sports, public toilets, and the rental of hammocks and umbrellas.

      If we base ourselves on the surroundings, this beach has restaurants and a parking area, although in the summer months it is controlled according to capacity.

      Locate Us

      You can find out all the detailed information in this article.

      the gravel
      La Grava beach is an urban beach, located in the seaside neighborhood of Duanes de la Mar. It has an area of ​​290 meters and its occupation is usually average.

      Image: Playa de la Grava de Xàbia
      Grava de Xàbia beach
      This beach is characterized by being made of pebble stone, although in some small areas sand with gravel and rock predominates, which makes bathing with children ideal. This beach is surrounded by two promenades (500 meters), which over time have become one and make it the central point for walking or having a drink, as it has a large number of restaurants and cafes on the seafront. beach.

      As for its services, it has surveillance and lifeguard, rental of hammocks and umbrellas and accessibility for the practice of sports and nautical activities. In addition, around it we can find a great cultural offer such as the Casa del Cable Exhibition Hall, the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Loreto or the fishing port where the tradition of fishing is maintained.

      Locate Us

      Check all the information in this link.

      Surely the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the entity that makes the selection and awards the blue flags, is unaware that in front of two of them there are TWO UNDERWATER OUTLETS that regularly and randomly dump our excrement and that of our electrical appliances with hardly any treatment, more than a simple grind.
      It is bucolic to see the seagulls perched in the sea just 500 meters from the gravel beach, but what they really do is eat our detritus and the fish attracted to the “smell of sardines”.
      And what about the emissary of the Arenal. Of course, a little further away, approximately 1.5km.
      In La Granadella I have not located any emissary but surely there will be. In any case, the urban nucleus and the chalets are small in that area.
      We also have another in Cala de la Barraca or Portichol. Arriving at the lower parking area on the left you can see a mini-waste treatment plant.
      Our council deliberately omits these black spots.
      Despite these points, it is magnificent to enjoy the sea baths in Jávea, even more so on these dates when the emission of debris is not at its peak

      • IgnacioG says:

        Surely the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is aware of the existence of submarine outfalls, but it is clear that they can become as corrupt as those here. There are many people in the European Community with economic interests in tourism that are given so much by the conditions of the environment, the population, society and if tourists become infected by bathing in sewage, what they want is income.