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The director of the l'Arenal school values ​​"positively" the renovations made in the center

09 September 2019 - 16: 28

The Councilor for Education, Montse Villaverde, visited the center of L'Arenal on the first day of school. In Xàbia, close to 2.000, children and primary school students have started the course in the different areas of the town: Vicente Tena, Graüll, Trenc d'Alba, Port de Xàbia, María Inmaculada and Arenal. In addition, 1142 students have done so in the two secondary schools: Toni Llidó and IES nº1 and the ESO line of the Immaculate Mary.

The mayor has chosen the Arenal on this first day because it is the school that represents what Xàbia is, "a very diverse population that many nationalities coexist, and this school is a clear example of coexistence, respect and integration."

Villaverde has indicated that it is a center that works well with everyday difficulties. Regarding the work done during the summer, the councilor has highlighted the cleaning, painting in the centers and road painting around the school areas. In addition, a new specific classroom has been enabled, in the Graüll, for students with special educational difficulties. A claim that was made last year and had the support of the AMPA of the Trenc d'Alba.

Pla Edificant

All schools have started eagerly and with the view that, in this course, the works of the Pla Edificant can be seen with the projects almost awarded.

At the moment, the mayor has indicated that the drafting of the works of this Plan are being awarded "and if nothing happens, in two weeks they will be awarded". Regarding the Graüll, the councilor has stated that due to its complexity they are making modifications, for us the Graüll is a priority and every time we are required the urban planning service has been fully dedicated.

For his part, the director of the l'Arenal school, Dani Martínez, has valued "positively" The renovations of the center. "It is the center with more students of Xàbia, although the number of students dance to be a center with a high number of foreign students", says Martinez.

CEIP L'Arenal has a fixed staff of 32 professors "Although we have started the course in the absence of two teachers that will be covered throughout this week," Martinez says.

This center is waiting for the tender of the works of the Pla Edificant with which it is intended to close the passageways and create shadow spaces, "The center is very large and we are planting more trees so that the shadows are more natural and the bathrooms are being adapted for younger children."

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    In addition to everything mentioned in the article, the CEIP del Arenal is the largest of those in the municipality although, around it, it lacks the services that the town or port centers have when they finish classes as a library point for consultation and loan of books and study or a place where they can go to extracurricular activities and simply connect for example, today totally necessary for education. And do not say that for that there is the Civic Punt, despite the extraordinary work it does, it is only a couple of rooms that remain totally insufficient and insignificant compared to the multiple spaces that exist in Historic Xàbia.

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