The Minister of Health highlights the commitment of the PSOE Xàbia to the elderly in its care programs
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The Minister of Health highlights the commitment of the PSOE Xàbia to the elderly in its care programs

May 22 from 2023 - 10: 02

Seven million euros invested in Servicios Sociales and less taxes for everyone as a recipe to meet people's needs. With this balance, the PSOE of Xàbia presented itself in its meeting with a large group of members of the Association of Retirees.

Along with the candidate José ChulviThe Minister of Universal Health, Miguel Mínguez, participated, who valued the work done by the local government during these four years. As he explained José Chulvi Faced with nearly 200 attendees, the local government project, in a legislature marked by difficulties such as the COVID pandemic or storms, has been "focused on people, which has increased spending on Social Services by 300.000 euros per year to 1.300.000, and that it has reduced taxes – the IBI by 17% and the elimination of the garbage tax – to alleviate the negative effects of inflation”.

In addition, in this legislature, Chulvi continued, older people have been one of the groups on which efforts have focused the most, and thus important projects focused on them have been launched, such as take home, telecare or the program Radars to meet the needs of those who live alone.

For his part, Minister Mínguez, referred to dependency aid that allows families with elderly care to see their situation alleviated and to the efforts of the Valencian government to achieve the complete reversal of the Dénia hospital to return it to public management. In this regard, he explained that “an older person has the same health rights as any other citizen. And he must be cared for with the same resources and efforts as

For Mínguez, “the objective is not for the elderly to live in residences, but for them to be able to be at home with dignity, cared for with the maximum guarantees. And for that there must be a great collaboration between the Generalitat Valenciana and the municipalities, as is the case with Xàbia and the Menjar a Casa y Radars program ”.

He also stressed the need to “maintain respect for the elderly, we are not stupid or useless, and companies, banks, cannot leave such an important population group out of the game. They cannot leave us on the sidelines and we are going to demand the personal treatment we deserve”.

Likewise, he valued the sensitivity of the Valencian government, chaired by Ximo Puig, with the municipal governments, precisely because of the president's condition as former mayor of Morella. In addition to Chulvi and Minister Mínguez, they participated in the meeting Rita Berruti and Rosana Sapena.

Rita, head of Social Services during the last legislature, recalled the significant increase in her department's budget since 2020, when it was multiplied by four to reach the highest level of care.

Rosana Sapena, for her part, explained that her motivation to participate in the local PSOE candidacy has been "the good work done and the confidence that José Chulvi's team generates in me, some people who have brought a change to Xàbia that today allows to be better in all aspects; people I trust and to whom I would leave without hesitation the keys to my house and the most important matters of day to day”.

In his final speech, José Chulvi stressed that "it is time to continue sending a message of stability and confidence, so that the Town hall continue to focus on what really matters, which is serving people, offering quality services and generating better opportunities, let's continue creating jobs as up to now, and attracting investments”.

  1. Miquel says:

    I must remember that the elderly are a group with very high purchasing power with a very high pension and with the help of family members they should not have any problem at all.
    Those who really have the worst conditions and opportunities are the young people who cannot find work in Jávea, the salaries are ridiculous and accessing a home is an impossible mission, for this reason it is the departure and flight of great talents.
    For me, this circus is more like buying votes from older people than helping.
    The promised aid has not yet arrived and now that things are going well for the companies to repay the borrowed money while there are people who continue to have a bad time.
    The real solution is to have a plan of who is vulnerable in Jávea and act on them.
    While in Jávea there are still people living on the street.

    • indignant socialist says:

      The minister has not been informed by reliable sources. The mayor only talks about what interests him, he is silent about the rest.
      Didn't you say that so many years in politics corrupted?
      And now that.