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The Club d'escacs online Xàbia is promoted to 1st Division of the Valencian Community

24 June 2020 - 00: 24

On Saturday, June 20, a new day of the Interclubs league was played (tournament for online chess teams) in all categories of the Valencian Community. The tournament was made up of six categories, from the Honor Division which is the maximum to the fifth Division.

More than 850 players from the entire Valencian Community participated in the league competition, always in the Lichess application, made up of 10 teams in each group, who score for each team the 6 players who earn the most points each day.

The tournament is played every Saturday at 16:30 in the afternoon, it lasts 90 minutes and has the representation of practically all the teams of the Valencian Community in the 6 game categories.

After the descent of the team from the Club d'escacs Xàbia, last week, these days they have returned to compete in the 2nd Division with enthusiasm and the challenge of rising again. Objective that they achieved thanks to the group of players who are part of this great team.

They competed against large super teams and were only surpassed by Benimaclet and San Vicente del Raspeig, CE Xàbia occupied third place in a row in the classification by Alzira, Elche, Castellón, Benigàmin, Xàtiva, Muro and Xeraco.

It was again a very special afternoon and with great enthusiasm, sacrifice and dedication from all the players. We must appreciate that our team is made up of modest players and there are teams that have International Masters or Grand Chess Masters to fight against these types of players. The xabieros have to be at 200%.

During the competition they had critical moments because they competed against super teams and the last half hour of play was an over-effort by everyone to hold the third position and thus ascend. In this league the first 3 rise and the last 3 fall in each category.

This week, the most valuable player on the team was Francisco Morató followed by Antoni Bertomeu, Tomas Baidal, Ken and Rodrigo.

On Saturday, teams with the potential of Silla, Alzira and other super teams await them, before which the Xàbia team will make a tremendous effort with the aim of staying in the 1st Division.

Regarding the CE Xàbia Sub 18 team, it is said that they are also some colossi of the board, since they are players who are the smallest between 10 and 15 years old, all play together in the unique category of Sub 18 and the enthusiasm is incredible that they put on every week.

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