The CD Jávea suffers more from the account to win the Alcàsser CF

The third consecutive victory of CD Jávea It was against a team like Alcàsser, which turned out to be a tough team and that put the rojiblancos hard game, especially after Paolo's expulsion.

The game started well for the locals, who in just 20 minutes, had three clear chances to inaugurate the score. The first, before the minute of the game, on a perfect pass from Panucci to Guerrero and he does not succeed in placing the ball in the net. The second was also clear in an excellent play by Álvaro López on the left, he leaves his marker and Panucci, with everything in favor, throws over the crossbar.

The third clear occasion was in another center of Alvarito that Guerrero does not succeed facing the framework of Cantera. After these 20 minutes, the game declined and none of the teams came with danger to the opposing goal. At the edge of the break, the locals braided a good play with the ball from one band to another, center behind Panucci, shot by Álvaro López and Guerrero in the goal scored the 1-0.

The visitor response in a ball to the area that the ball goes out next to the post. When the referee decreed the break there was a rifirrafe between several players with warnings for Guerrero and Paco for the locals and Andrés for the visitors.

The second part was much more boring, the locals touched and touched the ball in a midfield area without reaching the goal of Cantera. When 10 minutes passed, the locals had a serious setback for the expulsion of Paolo, he was reprimanded in the first half and in a fight on the edge of the area, the referee showed him the second card and was expelled. From this moment, the local coach, Juan Carlos Signes made a tactical change; Renzo entered through Panucci and placed Paco from the center on the left and Renzo took Paco's place as a lane on the left.

The visitors tried to approach Edu's goal but without success. In the minute 80 it seemed that the locals sentenced the game in a penalty thrown by Guerrero that put the 2-0. It was a play by Ayoze on the left, he left his marker and when he entered the area he was shot down by a visiting defender, the emotion was put on by Alcàsser with a great shot from Aliaga that was beating Edu low, it was the minute 89 and it was time to suffer, the visitors had two corner kicks and little else.

In the end, victory suffered from the locals who were able to sentence the match in the first half and suffered in the minutes of discount.

Special mention should be made of the local player, Marcos, who entered César during the break, put sanity ahead of the defense and was a key player in the local victory. A player who deserves more minutes than he is playing.


JÁVEA CD: Edu, Ayoze, Cristian, Paolo, Paco, César (Marcos, 45 ′), Ferrán, Ramis (Álvaro Bernáldez, 65 ′), Álvaro López; Panucci (Renzo, 58 ′) and Guerrero (Rubén, 82 ′).

ALCÀSSER CF: Quarry, Andrés, Pau, Edu, Adrián, Manolo (Marcel, 70 ′), Aliaga, Miquel (Marc, 76 ′),
Alex (Ojeda, 63 ′), Aguado (Rios, 58 ′) and Abarca.

Referees: Jorge Navarro, Darío García and Miguel Ángel Lillo. They admonished Paolo twice, expelled in the minute 55 and Paco, Guerrero and local coach Juan Carlos. By the visitors, Andrés, Aguado, Miquel and Edu.

goals: 1-0, minute 40. Guerrero, 2-0, minute 80, Warrior of penalty, 2-1, minute 89, Aliaga.

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