CD Jávea wins with solvency to CD Enguera by 3-1

CD Jávea beat CD Enguera with solvency with two goals from Guerrero and one from Ramis. The visitors came to tie the game through Alberto Simón.

This week has been convulsed in the premises with a touch of attention of the board of directors to the staff for the poor performance of the team. Today we have seen a team delivered and fighting each ball and soon the local team could get ahead in a good play by Guerrero on the right and his shot was repelled by the crossbar.

On the first arrival of the visitors, the referee gives penalty for alleged hands of Ayoze in a rebound. Alberto Simón threw the penalty and Edu deflected the ball. Against it, a shot by Álvaro López comes out next to the post. The first local goal came at 17 minutes in a triangulation on the right wing between Álvaro López and Ayoze.

Guerrero's center topped him to the net, they were good minutes from the locals who had the second goal in a powerful shot by César who repelled Oscar Muñoz and Álvaro López headed out, the visitors tied the game in an indecision of Edu who used Alberto Simón to mark pleasure. It was the first time visitors arrived at the local goalkeeper's domains. The local reaction was rapid in a large
César center that Ramis headed to the network. Until the break, the domain was local and it was reached with advantage of the premises by 2 goals to 1.

In the break, the visiting coach, Francisco Martínez made two changes but the game continued with the same parameters, control of the premises, perfect in defense and dominators of the midfield. The referee annulled a goal against Álvaro López in a play that nobody knows because he missed it and within a quarter of an hour the sentence arrived in a perfect center of Marcos that finished off the Guerrero network.

Until the end of the game, the control was of the locals who barely had a hard time and gave a good game to the fans who were in the municipal sports camp.


CD Jávea: Edu, Ayoze, Cristian, Paolo, Aldo, Álvaro López (Panucci, 75 ′), Ramis, Ferrán, Marcos (Álvaro Bernáldez, 61 ′), César (Renzo, 63 ′) and Guerrero (Rubén, 73 ′).

CD Enguera: Óscar Muñoz, Óscar Rey (Zhizco, 45 ′, Camarasa, José Enrique, Ángel, Borja García
(Revert, 45 ′), Juan López (Cabrera, 61 ′), Raúl Gómez, Miguel Fabra, Isma Serrano (Landete, 65 ′) and
Alberto Simon.

goals. 1-0. 17 minute. Warrior. 1-1, minute 28, Alberto Simón. 2-1, minute 30, Ramis. 3-1,
minute 60, Guerrero.

Referee: Alejandro Serna Vázquez, admonished Marcos and Ferrán locals and Raúl visitor
Gomez He did not take two penalties in the visiting area by two defenders.

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