The socialist candidate for the Senate points out in Xàbia the "important challenges" for a change in Spain

The socialist candidate number 1 to the Senate for Alicante, Pepe Asensi, has been this morning in Xàbia, where within the electoral campaign, he has visited the market, accompanied by the mayor, José Chulvi and councilors. Subsequently, Asensi has appeared at the Casa del Poble (PSOE headquarters) and has remarked that «We are in a campaign of exceptional importance. History books will talk about this campaign because it can be a stage of progress or an unthinkable setback, with catastrophic consequences for Spanish society ».

The Senate candidate has stated about the situation in Catalonia that «It is important that the government that comes out face the problem of Catalonia, from the strict compliance with the law and the Constitution, and try that the social gap can be restored with dialogue».

«The PSOE is the only party that has proposed a program on the table. In emigration we have to respect international rights, people who come from conflicts have the right to assimilate them »added Asensi.

«Rejection of the PSOE»

The socialist candidate has reviewed the speech of the other parties that «The elections are not won, a series of forces have been conjured, the Catalan crisis, the economic data and the rights united by a single interest to throw the socialists of the Moncloa. Throwing the PSOE, can lead to a serious situation for Spain ».

For its part, Chulvi has indicated that they expect, next Sunday, «Leave reinforced to form a government. A government with many problems inherited from the Popular Party, cutting people's social rights ».

The leader of the PSPV-PSOE acknowledged that "The Socialists have raised the minimum wage, improved pensions and if they manage to be the majority force to form a government, Spain will once again have international prestige."

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Comments on "The socialist candidate for the Senate points out in Xàbia the" important challenges "for a change in Spain"


  1. ariquitaún:

    The ones who have robbed me the most are white and Spanish men: any PP minister, Zaplana, Camps ... only one of them has cost tens of thousands of times more than any immigrant. The bank has cost us euros ... and the problem is the unfortunates who are given a juice in the port at four in the morning.
    If every time an immigrant commits an offense, we throw everyone out of his country, it seems cool to me, but if a guy from Burgos kills his wife, he locks up all Burgos without trial.

  2. Guillermo Geisser:

    The social rights of the Spaniards begin by having a dignified Social Security in the whole territory of Spain, that is, they attend to you the same in all places.
    An education without autonomous indoctrinations by language and a guaranteed citizen security, which is why we pay taxes not for the uncontrolled emigration that invades us, political lords, that is the social rights that we Spaniards want to see if they realize that we are not a country rich to be constantly collecting human beings from other countries when there are people here in need of work, health, and education.

  3. Juan Garcia Patiño:

    I believe that if the maximum exponent of the PROGRESISTA socioleches party is our honest and sincere Spanishista, the disaster of
    Sanchez is going to be difficult for that party to convince anyone with two fingers, why uncover that migrants who invade us in droves have to be given asylum to give the addresses of their homes to go there and show us their human quality when someone is robbed or raped after having changed their mind and leaving Chinese tales, we want a regulated emigration with people who come to work and integrate into our customs and have not impose theirs and not that countries of the magred they have reduced their prison population and dedicate their money to buy tanks and f-16 to the Americans to see with what intentions, Ceuta, Melilla, the Canaries sounds something to them.


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