The boat 'Marara' of the Nautical Club Jávea was the winner of the 'Cabo San Antonio Trophy'

The Cabo San Antonio Trophy will stay one more year in the showcases of the Club Nautico de Javea, since those of Jávea have obtained the best score in the four disputed tests.

This is a competition for the boats of the cruise class that jointly organize the yacht clubs of Jávea and Dénia. During four tests, distributed from September to June, the bosses are facing each other. In total, the average number of participants has been twenty.

The final classification is headed by 'Marara' by Vicente Reig (CN Jávea), second was the 'Alitan 3' by José María Pineda (RCN Dénia) and third was the 'Compás' by José Luis Vicente Almazán (CN Jávea).

The last test of the trophy was played this weekend in the Bay of Xàbia, with gusts of wind from 13 to 16 northeastern knots and swell to strong swell. The bosses had to be employed thoroughly to cover the route marked by the technical direction.

These conditions made difficult the maneuvers and demonstrated the level and capacity of the participants, leaving confrontations between the first ones of the very interesting partial classification.

Classification of the fourth test

1º Marara by Vicente Reig (CN Jávea)
2 º painted three by Ricardo Ramírez-Montesinos (CN Jávea)
3 º Alitan 3 by José María Pineda (RNC Dénia)

General classification after contesting the four tests

1.- Marara by Vicente Reig (CN Jávea)
2.- Alitan 3 by José María Pineda (RCN Dénia)
3.- Compass of José Luis Vicente Almazán (CN Jávea)
4.- Three Pinta by Ricardo Ramírez-Montesinos (CN Jávea)
5.- Taino of José Manuel Momparler (CN Jávea)
6.- Ardora by Antonio Gadera (RCN Dénia)
7.- Dark matter by Eulalia Flo (RCN Dénia)
8.- Riguer of Joaquín Berjand (CN Jávea)
9.- Escualo 3 by Carla Sentí (RCN Dénia)
10.- Picabus of Bernardo Gamón (CN Jávea)

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