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The Town Hall of Xàbia organizes an informative talk on the prevention of forest fires in areas of risk

Event Date: 29 de julio de 2019
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : House of Culture
Opening times: 19 hours
Appetizers: Free
Event finished

The Town Council of Xàbia still does not lower its guard in its actions aimed at training the population to reduce the risk of forest fires or, in the event that it faces one of these emergency situations, that is the best prepared.

Next Monday, 29 in July, a talk will be held in which to learn prevention advice especially aimed at residents in areas close to the forest masses. The training action, which will be led by the forestry technicians of Medi XXI, will be at 19 hours at the Casa de Cultura.

This conference gives continuity to the first information campaign that was urbanization in urbanization in 2017 and tries to make people aware that their attitude is determinant both to increase or reduce the risk of suffering a fire and so that, in case of fire , become part of the problem or the solution.

The assistants will be able to solve questions that include from where to consult the level of preemergence of each day, simple recommendations that can effectively prevent a forest fire or how to act in case of emergency or to be confined.


    A neighbor tells us: «The area of ​​Athens Street next to the Saladar that is a weed dust and reeds houses and housing are only 2 meters later if the fire sticks the fault is that they do not clean. The City Council does nothing just talks but not clean »

  2. Miquel Strogoff says:

    So a talk ?? You do not need any of that, what they have to do is clean more and talk less this year they have shown off the barbarity of weeds and canes that are everywhere in the Athens area with the famous untouchable saladar strips an elephant and not you find it in such a weed the signs can not be seen and the houses or urbanizations to only 2 meters do something or take worse measures.

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