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The City Council of Xàbia improves the equipment of the Local Police

November 20 from 2020 - 15: 11

El Javea Town Hall It has acquired different equipment for the Local Police, both to improve its service equipment and the means to carry out its functions.

One of the investments is the purchase of a radar for 17.787 euros and that will allow agents to carry out speed controls within the municipal term with the aim of improving road safety and as a complement to the improvement of road marking and painting that is being carried out. doing.

A new ethyl meter has also been purchased for 9.476 euros to carry out blood alcohol tests, a computer program valued at 3.000 euros for the reconstruction of accidents for the preparation of reports and a batch of plastic fences for road marking, which has involved an expense of 2.979 euros.

At the level of uniformity, 18.150 euros have been allocated to the purchase of 24 bulletproof vests and another 16.964 for regulatory weapons.

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  1. Justina says:

    "A new ethyl meter has been purchased for 9.476 euros to carry out blood alcohol tests"


    Please, this is a warning to EVERYONE JÁVEA, keep an eye on the data:

    A.- 2 CAÑAS is a positive, that is, TWO CANS OF BEER is more than one positive (depending on the time of the test, fasting or whatever, it can give much more than positive and we are already in the CARD WITHDRAWAL , 1 year or more, and a penalty that depends on the Judge, from € 1.200 to € 40.000.

    B.- The Local Police must carry out controls on everyone, delivery vans, taxis, mothers who are going to pick up their children from school… EVERYTHING JÁVEA. (At any time of the day and night, on any road, urban or in the middle of the country)

    C.- There is a "productivity" bonus for Local Police officers, who each draw their conclusions.

    D.- Be very careful, EVERYONE is warned !!!!!!

    a greeting

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