The City of Xàbia begins the procedures to approve a new Job List (RPT)

El Javea Town Hall has initiated the procedures to approve a new list of jobs (RPT), the technical formula with which the Public Administrations order their staff of employees to offer a quality public service and that meets the needs of the citizen.

This week the mayor, José Chulvi, has provided an order for the Personnel Department to hire the advisory service that will guide this complex procedure. Chulvi has indicated that the last RPT of the Consistory of Xàbia is from the 90 years and that it is very outdated since in recent years the Local Administration has experienced a great technological and social evolution, and in addition to having emerged new needs of the citizen and approved laws that must be answered with newly created positions.

"Starting the legislature activating this process is to demonstrate that our political will is to seek the best organization of our workers for an effective citizenship service but also to change the working conditions of some employees who perform a job that the current organization does not It is economically recognized ", Said Chulvi.

Local police compensation

Specifically, the mayor explained that one of the issues to be resolved with the RPT is the updating of the remuneration criteria and specific supplements (dangerousness, nocturnal or holidays) of the police officers, a "fair and reasonable" demand that the Government team wants to attend and that, for technical reasons, has been blocked for months.

The first mayor trusts to address this necessary challenge at the hands of public employees and with the unions, with which he hopes to maintain a fluid and constructive dialogue. In fact, the Councilor for Human Resources, Pepa Gisbert, has already announced the opening of the process to all the trade union organizations present in the Consistory and in the next few days the general negotiation table will be convened.

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