The City Council of Benitatxell obliged by law to pay compensation to councilors that blocked the previous government

The plenary session of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell has approved to pay 14.706 euros that were due for compensation for assistance to collegiate bodies to councilors and assignments to municipal groups and elected officials. A legal report warns that the municipality had to deal with these payments that blocked the previous government team. The consistory, of not paying those arrears, faced an illegality and, in addition, the amount owed was increasing due to the interests of delay.

As indicated by the session, the previous mayor, Josep Femenia, of Red, wielded the «Manifesto against corruption» approved three times in full (in 2013, 2014 and 2015) to freeze the payment of compensation to the mayor Nieves García, of IMA, to his party partner, María Dolores Catalá, the contributions to this municipal group.

«Manifest without value»

This "manifesto" indicated that the payment of assistance and compensation to council members investigated and members who keep their ranks investigated, as well as the assignments to their political groups, had to be rendered ineffective. However, the aforementioned legal report, according to municipal sources, "The previous local government did nothing to validate and make this document binding. It remained in a mere declaration of intentions that has no real application. The report states that the previous mayor did not make any formalities so that the agreement of full approval of the manifesto would be published in the Official Gazette of the Province. "

The report clarifies that the mayor had to initiate the «Timely administrative procedure» to withdraw the compensation to these councilors and quote them in audience. But none of that was done and the «Manifesto against corruption» it remained in a mere statement without any practical effect.

The current mayor, Miguel Ángel Garcia, explained that "Our obligation as politicians is to comply with the law and be responsible. The previous local government filled its mouth with a manifesto against corruption that was a paripé, since it did not take any effective measure so that it could be binding. We can not compromise the legal security of this City Council. The law obliges us to pay and, in addition, keeping these allocations frozen causes the interests of delay to be increasingly larger » .

Garcia adds that "The previous local government arbitrarily applied this measure of not paying compensation to imputed mayors. If you paid at your convenience that money to the councilor Hannelore Rheindorf when charged. And Femenia did not take away the salary or remove it from the councilors of its municipal group and its government during the months in which it was also accused of presumed prevarication. They beat the anti-corruption manifesto and are the first to break it. "

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