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Learning new languages, instrumental in educating the younger

18 2013 April - 00: 00

"If young people want to be well prepared for the future and be comxicotetive, they must aspire to be polyglots ... allowing them to intercommunicate in the European context." With this statement Professor of IES Antoni Llidó Voro Gómez he concluded the talk about plurilungüismo held last April 11 under the School Peer.

Gomez analyzed changes in the social context that have experienced the globalization process, with special emphasis on new technologies and means of transport which have revolutionized our lives. Professor sentenced to monolingualism and bilingualism praised the system established in schools.

During the talk special mention of language immersion to learn a language thanks to a real motivation, creating an ideal environment for students to learn context it was.

In May, the last act of the Parent School with a round table discussion will be held "The Institute we want for S.XXI".

Talk about multilingualism in Jávea

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