The CEPA of the CEIP Trenc d'Alba vindicates the lack of personnel in Special Educational Needs in their classrooms

The Association of Mothers and Fathers of the Trenc d'Alba school in Xàbia has issued a statement denouncing the current situation of its educational center. The AMPA notes that the Trenc d'Alba is a reference center for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) «In which every year children are enrolled who expect to receive quality public attention both at an educational and specialist level, but the resources allocated to this center each year are decreasing», says the AMPA brief.

As explained by the Association of Mothers and Fathers, «The families of the school do not understand how every year there are more students with this type of SEN and instead the qualified staff does not increase to attend these opinions. The consequence is that the children are not receiving the sessions indicated in their evaluation reports with the negative consequences that this entails. Not only for students with SEN but also for students in general ».

One year without response

After the complaints arrived at the AMPA, is this one who tries, during more than a year, to look for answers and solutions in the same center, in the services of inspection, of the SPE, Consellería and has gotten to meet with the director of educational policy to study the situation and request the necessary reinforcement in both Listening and Language (AL) and Therapeutic Pedagogy (PT), but the answer, as indicated, «It has been practically nil. We have only been given reinforcement in LA, but not in PT, so we think that we still do not have a correct adaptation of attention according to the needs of the students of the center. "

The statement issued by the Association of Mothers and Fathers of Trenc d'Alba indicates that, in addition, "There are a score of children pending assessment, which could increase the number once the evaluation report of each of them is made. This situation would make the problem of the center even more difficult as well as the lack of attention and improvement of each student ».

Collect signatures

In this situation, the AMPA undertook a collection of signatures in which each parent manifested his complaint requesting a coverage of personnel that guarantees the education of schoolchildren. «We present the signatures to the Ministry of Education and we still do not answer, that is why we are asking for an immediate solution, not starting a new course from scratch, and that the Valencian decree of Equity and Educational Inclusion 104 / 2018 of 27 for July is fulfilled , where a special mention is made of all our demands, where it says that we must pay special attention to early interventions from a sustained and interdisciplinary perspective that puts the emphasis on the needs and opportunities of children and their environment », concludes the claim of the AMPA of the Trenc d'Alba.

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