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The technological ADL of Xàbia presents the new program of courses and talks

Start date: 19 January 2021
Finish date: March 24th 2021
Event type: Talk / conference
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The Technological ADL of Creama Xàbia presents the new programming that will take place during the next months from January to March and with which it continues to promote the digitization of companies and offer free training to
all workers who want to increase their knowledge of new technologies.

This quarter's program will promote innovation, new technologies and digital marketing, both for entrepreneurs and workers who wish to train for free. Different courses, talks, conferences and events have been planned with an eminently practical theme and divided into technological concepts that are demanded in companies today.



This month highlights the Course of 26 de Enero which is based on the 'Generation of new creative ideas in the XXI century' and that, given the current times, many of us have forgotten this habit due to an excess of rational thinking when solving problems.


En in February it will be the turn of women entrepreneurs with the Extraordinary course 'How to give digital visibility to your idea / business'. We want to give value to women who are currently entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs and need to equip themselves with new technological tools in their business.

Will continue activities with the XàbiaTIC conference 'What the virus took and what it left us. How to learn from the changes to come ' where there will be a vision of the trends that will mark our lives from now on. Will follow course 'From Sun Tzu to Leo Messi. How the strategy can help to sell better online and offline ' where it will be explained by a reputed consultant how new business techniques can be incorporated into the innovative world that is leaving us.

At the end of the month, and in digital formatWill take place on 'Wine Digital'. This event, in person on other occasions, has been based on meeting both women and young entrepreneurs who have used new technologies in their projects related to the wine sector. On this occasion, the House Wine will be in charge of explaining to us how a company can sell to the world from Xàbia and it will help us to know their experience, their mistakes and successes, in the digitization of a company so well known in our town and to verify that it is possible to adapt to the technological world being a Commerce.


Will be on March when an exclusive course takes place for 'Jubilonauts' since from Beachworking it is considered very interesting to give people who have not yet had contact with new technologies a training that can give them space so that they know how to take advantage of them.

The course will be 'How to communicate by Skype or Hangout with mine'. There will also be a conference based on the Podcasting or how to do radio from home since it has been very successful in previous editions.

Finally we will end the month with pechakucha, a format where entrepreneurs explain their experience in 20 slides and practice beachworking with digital nomads organized by Sun and Co.

With the aim of bringing testimonies and experiences to all those who want to train in new technologies, a new video will be broadcast every Friday on Coffee with the Technological ADL where entrepreneurs, businessmen or relevant people will tell their story and serve as a motivating example. As a result of the agreement signed with the Digital District, and by which Xàbia is positioned as a destination for digital nomads and ICT entrepreneurs, new companies of the Digital District that are located in Alicante and that can give advice to the entire community will continue to be known technology of Beachworking.

You can get the schedule of courses, conferences, events and all the information available via whatsapp at this link.

Beachworking project

The Beachworking project has bet since its birth to make Xàbia a benchmark for digital nomads and create a technological community that serves as the basis for the implementation of companies that develop in the ICT sector. As a result of this, a collaboration agreement with the Digital District was signed last July to be a connection node between companies and entrepreneurs and their link to our territory given its benefits in terms of standard of living, education, a strong implementation of the service sector and an attractive leisure.

In addition, it is intended to be a base point for the digital nomads that are proliferating so much in the "new normal" with the access by many workers to telework. It is also betting on turning the Sant Antoni Lighthouse into a basic infrastructure for the development of a technological ecosystem and that serves to facilitate the attraction of digital talent.

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