Education announces tests to obtain the degrees of technical professional and senior technician of FP

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports has published in the 'Official Journal of the Generalitat Valenciana' the resolution by which the tests are convened, for the year 2020, aimed at obtaining the titles of technician and senior training technician Professional of the intermediate and higher level training cycles.

The registration period for testing will open from 4 to 15 November 2019, both inclusive. Likewise, the center will publish on 29 November 2019, on the bulletin board, the provisional list of admitted and excluded persons to carry out the tests, and indicate the reason for the exclusion. The provisional list of admitted and excluded persons may be subject to a claim between the days 29 of November of 2019 and 13 of January of 2020, by means of the presentation of motivated writing addressed to the address of the center.

The 17 of January of 2020, the management will ratify or rectify the decision object of claim and will order the publication, in the notice board, of the definitive list of admitted and excluded people.

The registration can also be canceled at the request of the person concerned. The application for cancellation of registration must be submitted from the 28 of November of 2019 to the 16 of January of 2020 in the same center where the registration was made.

The centers must publish, until the 4 of February of 2020, the calendar of actions aimed at informing and guiding the applicants, as well as the calendar of the tests, the evaluation criteria and the tools with which they must go for the realization of these.


Finally, the tests will be done between 30 days of March and 8 of April of 2020, both inclusive. The tests will be done for all professional modules except the practical module of Training in Work Centers (FCT) and, where appropriate, the Project Module of Higher Degree Formative Cycles (LOE).

The exams will include theoretical contents and practical realizations that allow to demonstrate, through the corresponding evaluation and realization criteria, that the applicant has achieved the different capacities and competences. These tests will be prepared taking as reference the current curricula and professional competences of the training cycles object of this call.

To participate in these tests, in addition to the academic requirements detailed in the call, you must be at least 18 years old for technical degrees and 20 years for senior technicians, or 19 years for those in Possession of the technical title. The age condition shall be deemed fulfilled during the 2020 year.

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