They donate an anchor of underwater origin to the Museu de Xàbia

The Soler Blasco Municipal Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum of Xàbia has received a donation from María Teresa Sivera Bas. It is an iron anchor of underwater origin that was recovered from the seabed of the municipality decades ago by his sailor grandfather, Antonio Sivera Ripoll, and that for several decades has conserved his family.

The piece in question would correspond to a medium-sized vessel and its characteristics suggest that it has its origin in modern times, probably from the mid-eighteenth century. However, from the Museum point out that iron anchors are difficult pieces to date due to their characteristics, since from the typological and technical point of view, they remained stable for many centuries.

The councilman of Culture, Quico Moragues, wanted to thank María Teresa Sivera Bas for this contribution, which has already been registered in the inventories and catalogs of the Museum, leaving a record of its origin for any study in which this piece is mentioned.

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