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Enjoy snorkeling, throughout the year, in the coves and beaches of Javea

November 12 from 2019 - 07: 33

Xàbia has beautiful coves and beaches within sight of anyone, but we must also emphasize the beauty of its seabed. The coastline of Xàbia has 25 kilometers of coastline where you can enjoy diving and underwater marine reserve. In this report we present you the best recommended dives you can do in Xàbia.

Snorkel in Xàbia

The Mediterranean Sea is wonderful for its calm, allowing you to enjoy, as in few places of the wonders that hide in it. And for that, nothing better than diving into the crystal clear waters surrounding the coast of Xàbia. In this coastal town you can enjoy at any time of year, several water activities.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

Xàbia is a tourist town and very visited for its scenic beauty, either for the Montgo or its coves or for its beaches.

But the beauty of Javea is not only outside, but also, on the seabed. Although it is not visible to anyone on a daily basis, it is available to everyone. A different way of knowing the wonders inside the coves is by doing snorkel. Whether to enjoy the sea urchins, shells or the innumerable shoals of fish in them you are.

Snorkel in Xàbia


Xàbia offers a total of 22 dives in different coves that can go, if you are someone who you prefer a beautiful day snorkel on the beach and discover not only the superficial wonders of the coast but also its beautiful hidden depths.

List of dives

Cova Tallada

Undoubtedly, this place is ideal for snorkel. In this cave it is accessible by sea kayak or canoe through or along trails through the Montgó. Bordering Rocky Mountain can enjoy a unique seabed.

Cala Tangó or Pope

Located after Cape San Antonio towards the Port of Xàbia, the Cala Tangó or Pope, is an area where you will discover, just three meters underwater, the appearance of the first bushes of a meadow of posidonia oceanic.

Snorkel in Xàbia

Cala Blanca or Caleta

This cove, known as Cala Blanca or Caleta, is located at the end of the coastal area of ​​Xàbia, easily and easily accessed. Walking along the road by the sea, you access the second Caleta, a beach located between rocks and mountains and although it is visited by small boats, it is the ideal place to enjoy the tranquility and wonders of the seabed. In this cove you can visualize, in addition to a rock bottom and posidonia oceanic, Octopuses and shoals.

Cala Sardinera

Cala Sardinera, although it has a somewhat more complicated access, is a perfect place to enjoy the tranquility. After walking near 15 minutes down the mountain from the top of Portixol, you get to this small beach. Ideally located for cove snorkelAs the calm water and the absence of bathers causes the fish to swim by Cala Sardinera with a tranquility rarely seen on these shores.

Snorkel in Xàbia

Cala de la Barraca or Portitxol

La Cala de la Barraca or Portitxol It is located opposite the island of the same name. It has two distinct parts, but to enjoy the visit of some schools of fish if you want to practice snorkelYou must enter a path to the left of the beach and dive deeper into the rocks of the mountain. Also in this area you can observe small islands and sandbanks submerged less than four meters deep.

Cala Ambolo

La Cala Ambolo It has a maximum depth of six meters. At the beginning a rocky bottom appears but as we move under the sea we discover a meadow of Posidonia and sandbanks. For immersion in this area it aims to circumnavigate the island that lies off the cove and go skirting to see first hand the wide variety of seabeds, plus it is an area with sandy bottoms.

Snorkel in Xàbia

The photos were provided by Jávea Diving Center.

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