Four young people are arrested 'in fraganti' when they stole computer equipment

Agents of the National Police have arrested in Dénia two young people accused of allegedly stealing different computer material from at least three offices in that locality. The investigation had its origin fruit of the complaint of the manager of a Coworking establishment in which he showed to have been the victim of a theft committed in his business during the night of the 23 day in May.

Based on the investigations carried out and the exhaustive analysis of the images provided by the security cameras of the establishment, the investigators began to surround the alleged perpetrators, who forced the lock of the door to access the premises and stole large amount of computer material.

In a few hours the agents managed to identify one of the alleged perpetrators, who has multiple records of robbery with force, and began to make various efforts to find the whereabouts of this person.

As a result of these investigations, the police found out that the alleged perpetrator had stayed together with another man in a hotel in Dénia. This person also had multiple records for the same events and neither of them was a resident in this locality.

modus Operandi

Continuing with the investigation, the agents discovered the modus operandi that the presumed authors adopted to carry out the illicit ones. They were staying in a hotel in the area. They arrived early and without luggage. The morning and afternoon of the first day was dedicated to choose the establishment that the next day would agree to steal. They looked at the material that was inside, number of employees, closing time and cash that could be. They mainly chose places where there would be a large amount of computer equipment, such as laptops, tabletops, mobile phones, electronics products, as well as keys to other premises or homes for allegedly accessing in the future. Once chosen the establishment they retired to the hotel where they would spend the night without raising suspicion.

The next day and when they considered the appropriate time, usually during the early hours, they would enter the premises by breaking the lock of the access door and subtracting as much computer equipment as they could.

Arrested in fragrance

The past 30 of May, the investigators located the two people investigated again in Dénia, suspecting that they were plotting a new "blow" in some establishment of that locality, reason why they established a device that confirmed the suspicions.

The agents noticed that both left a hotel and climbed into a vehicle with which they would head to a central street. Then they began to walk in an observant and vigilant attitude taking continuous security measures until they stopped in front of a building from which there was direct access from inside to an establishment.

After staying two hours inside, both came out carrying bags and backpacks loaded, being at that time when the agents stopped them. When the alleged thieves became aware of the situation they began to run, thus initiating a persecution that ended with the arrest of both, several streets from the place where the events took place.

The agents were able to check how their belongings carried allegedly stolen effects and various tools used to force the accesses allegedly, as well as the access door to the establishment was open and forced, remaining all inside stirred.

After the arrest of both people, the investigators determined that they were the same alleged perpetrators of another theft committed with the same person. modus operandi, thus clarifying three robberies with force.

So far 9 laptops, six mobile phones and a large amount of electronic and computer material have been recovered.

Two more detainees

A few hours before, a patrol of the National Police of Dénia was required by a neighbor who warned that he was witnessing how a couple accessed a house attached to theirs and took goods outside. When the agents appeared at the scene, they observed how two people were actually removing furniture from the interior, finding the back door of the house forced and the inside of it all revolted, proceeding immediately to the arrest of both for committing an alleged crime. I steal with force.

The four detainees, from between 22 and 27 years and Spanish and Algerian nationalities were placed at the disposal of the Dénia Instruction Court acting as Guardia. The interventions were carried out by agents of the Police Station of the National Police of Dénia.

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