They stop the man who robbed women by covering themselves with a motorcycle helmet

The Civil Guard of El Vergel has arrested in Oliva (Valencia) the alleged perpetrator of four robbery crimes with violence and intimidation, committed on four neighbors of Beniarbeig, Pego and Pedreguer. You have already entered provisional detention, without bail.

The agents of the Investigation Team of the Civil Guard of El Vergel were aware of a series of robberies with violence, committed in various locations of the Marina Alta, at the end of September of 2019, which seemed to all follow the same modus operandi .

According to the reports of the different victims, a man, who covered his face with a motorcycle helmet, approached women who were traveling alone on the street and, wielding a razor, intimidated them and demanded that they give him everything they carried. In addition, the author did not hesitate to use violence, if necessary, by giving them heavy blows to the face, in order to achieve their personal effects. On occasion, this violence was excessive, taking into account the low value of the loot finally achieved.

After numerous and incessant investigation efforts, the agents managed to identify, in just a few days, the alleged perpetrator, locating him in Oliva (Valencia).

The detainee, a Spaniard of 42 years, is charged with 4 crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation, committed in Beniarbeig, Pego and Pedreguer.

It has already been made available to the Judicial Authority, who has decreed his imprisonment without bail.

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