Two men are arrested in Xàbia for a crime of robbery with violence and injuries to the victim
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Two men are arrested in Xàbia for a crime of robbery with violence and injuries to the victim

May 27 from 2024 - 13: 22

The Xàbia Local Police arrested two people, aged 22 and 31, involved in a crime of robbery with violence and injuries to a 19-year-old victim. Due to the rapid intervention of the agents, the suspects were identified and apprehended in a successful operation.

Image: Local Police of Xàbia in the arrest

Apparently, the two detainees robbed the third of a backpack in which he claimed to have 400 euros. The victim, who was treated at the health center, had minor injuries and is out of danger.

The three involved in the event are people that the Local Police already had booked for previous incidents. The Xàbia Local Police encourage that, if you are a victim or witness of any situation of citizen insecurity, do not hesitate to call 112.

  1. pink rosary says:

    Look, gentlemen, be more careful and carry out surveillance by the police who do nothing. You know that in a specific town, in the leisure area of ​​the town, there are people offering cooking in broad daylight. Eroina first hand knows who they are no one does anything it seems that there is no read they go around with things ponzoles they do not hesitate to rob you they have children selling them drugs so that they are hidden at home they only have to see them not even a day work luxury cars on top of that they are a gang something happens to you or in my case I went to keep an eye on my son to see what he was doing in the area as a mother I had to run because of the threats and insults specifically in the center of town where the post office places more security, the prosecutor's office asks the state body more to the competent agents

  2. Security says:

    You cannot consider that in Jávea it is a. Quiet town in Ara town, you can't walk down the street anymore in the town in the post office selling drugs to young drug addict children. You can't even go down the street. They are known before hand by the police. Measures must be taken because these people have not come to work if they don't sell. Drugs, robberies, fights, the only problem is that they give everyone the papers. He begs you for more security in the town because not on the particular day it comes out the post office mini market store Pakistan offers drugs 24 hours a day children spoiling drug addicts coming out of the alleys you cannot agree to help the town greetings

  3. jdjdbd says:

    Javea increasingly insecure, every afternoon in the port you see a lot of retail and not one agent

  4. Neighbor of Xabia says:

    Hardening of penalties, exemplary financial fines and fewer sentence reductions. More and more attention is paid to those who commit crimes and less attention is paid to working people who pay their taxes and work honestly.

  5. Observer. JVF says:

    All the respect in the world for criminals, be very careful not to show their faces, because on top of that they can sue us if we identify them, all the rights for those who break the rules and the others to support this increasingly numerous mob. and more empowered.

  6. Fran says:

    Usual suspects who commit crimes even though they have countless crimes behind them... will they be the same ones who a few months ago caused more than 30 cars with broken windows and who, despite their history, the police do not do enough prevention?
    Weren't we supposed to be safer by paying them more? Or that since there were more law enforcement agents, Jávea was going to be a paradise of tranquility?
    We throw millions of taxes into the trash, which by the way are not collected or cleaned...

    • Little fish says:

      I think you are very right... We would have to apply the vile club to them, right? Or doesn't that seem enough to you, maybe if they cut off their heads? Puff…