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Arrested a gang for growing marijuana that operated in Xàbia and distributed it throughout Europe

28 March 2023 - 10: 17

The joint operation between the National Police and the Civil Guard, called "Operation Bulquize", has made it possible to dismantle a criminal gang dedicated to the cultivation and distribution of marijuana throughout Europe. The organization operated in the province of Alicante, in the capital itself, in Elx, Xàbia and Polop, and the investigation has resulted in the arrest of nine men.

The police operation began as a result of information from one of the electricity distribution companies that collaborate closely with the State Security Forces and Corps in detecting fraud in the electricity supply. On many occasions, these frauds hide behind fraudulent or illegal electrical installations that supply electricity to indoor marijuana crops, as is the case.

With this information, which pointed to an excessive consumption of electricity with losses in the network from an industrial warehouse in an industrial estate in Alicante, the agents began the investigation.

The agents carried out multiple surveillances and follow-ups over a long period of time, which finally determined that the nine detainees were part of a properly structured and hierarchical criminal organization. In it, each member of the organization had a specific role in order not to raise suspicions.

Marijuana was grown in two industrial warehouses in the cities of Alicante and Elx and once collected it was distributed to different countries in northern Europe. Thanks to judicial collaboration, four searches were carried out, two of them in homes in the towns of Xàbia and Polop, and two searches in the aforementioned industrial buildings. The dimensions of the facilities allowed for a large number of indoor plants to be cultivated.

The joint operation has been carried out by agents of the Alicante Organized Crime and Drug Unit (UDYCO) and with the collaboration of Civil Guard agents from the Altea and San Vicent del Raspeig posts. In it, 1660 marijuana plants have been seized.

In the records, 445 grams of hashish, 605 grams of marijuana, 510 euros in cash, a vehicle used by the detainees to transport the drug and multiple tools for the cultivation and manipulation of these narcotic substances were also seized.

The nine detainees, between 20 and 36 years of age, were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Courts on duty in Alicante, Elx and Vilajoiosa, ordering prison for eight of the nine detainees.

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