Dismantle an 'indoor' marijuana plantation with 200 plants and arrest the three responsible

Agents of the National Police have arrested in the town of Dénia the three presumed responsible for a plantation "Indoor" of marijuana, which was hidden in an address that the organization also used as a black point of sale of narcotic substances.

The investigation had its beginning as a result of an anonymous denunciation formulated through the Web of the National Police, where it put of self-evident the possible existence of a plantation of hidden marijuana in a house of Dénia. Once the first steps were taken, the investigators determined that it was a house with difficult access, since it was isolated from the public highway and the access roads were unpaved roads.

The agents detected a large movement of vehicles and non-residents, who accessed by bicycle or walking inside the house for a short time and then left the place. Several of the people who left the house were intercepted by the agents at a reasonable distance, proving that they carried narcotic substances such as marijuana or cocaine among their belongings. In the same way, the agents observed in the vicinity two men who were in charge of the surveillance tasks, suspecting the policemen who also sold illegal substances inside the house.

As a result of the investigations carried out, the researchers managed to identify one of the alleged perpetrators, proving that the house was illegally occupied by this person. Continuing with the investigation, the agents identified the other two members of the organization, establishing the functions that each member had distributed in the same.

El "Leader" of the organization held control over the other two members, making decisions regarding the acquisition of narcotic substance, storage and sale of the same. The other two had the objective of cultivating and guarding the marijuana plantation, as well as being in charge of the surveillance and retail sale of the drug that they hid in the house.

Three domiciliary records

On June 4, the agents established a police device that allowed the three presumed responsible and owners of the plantation to be detained and to carry out three house searches. The researchers discovered in one of the floors of the dwelling in question a totally diaphanous room where there was a complete infrastructure for the accelerated growth of marijuana, having multiple halogen lamps, forced ventilation systems to achieve several crops in annual cycle.

From the ceiling hung several metal chains where they were in the process of drying 200 marijuana plants. Similarly, the agents seized more than 2.000 grams of this substance cogollada, almost 100 grams of heroin and cocaine ready for sale, as well as a multitude of tools for the cultivation and sale of narcotic substances.

Defraudation of electrical fluid

Subsequently, the police found that the plantation had an illegal attachment to the public supply, for which the alleged perpetrators were accused of a crime against public health, belonging to a criminal group and defrauding electric power.

The detainees, Spanish men of 28, 30 and 48 years, were put in the day of yesterday to judicial disposition, being entered two of them in prison. The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Police Station of the National Police of Dénia.

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