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C's Xàbia requests a paid training internship program for students

01 June 2022 - 11: 28

The spokesman for C's, Enrique Escrivá, has proposed to the local executive that it launch a program of paid training practices for the summer months, aimed at students who are studying at the university and
Vocational training.

“Internships with which, for example, an Agricultural Engineering student can do internships in the Department of the Environment of the Javea Town Hall, or a student with a higher degree in Physical Conditioning can acquire their first experience in the summer workshops organized by the Department of Sports”, Escrivá pointed out.

In such a way that the benefit would be double, since on the one hand, while the students would put into practice their theoretical training in the area of ​​the City Council, in exchange for a remuneration that could range from 500 euros,
these practices would also help, in part, to satisfy some needs of the departments and areas of the City Council.

  1. Ignacio says:

    Hopefully university graduates and professionals with work experience, would opt for public jobs in the town halls, instead of the plugged-in court that usually exists without any knowledge or professional work experience. Some sad practices? Hire whoever is needed to raise the level and quality of service and fire all those who charge without doing anything.

  2. Admirer of the festivities of Xábia!!!! says:

    No Escrivá, no podem totes eixes coses…Chulvi has to please penyes, festers, confraries, discomobils, paraetes…la seua is a cultureta de soroll, fotos, beguda, ciri i Sants….
    Xábia arrrere i ella Avant!!! To the road.,.