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Cs Xàbia proposes a specific fire prevention and surveillance plan in Ramblars

04 2022 April - 17: 00

In the ordinary plenary session of the Javea Town Hall of the month of March, the spokesman for Cs Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has proposed to the local government an item to improve security, prevention, protection and increase surveillance against fires at the Ramblars green waste transfer plant.

Specifically, Escrivá has urged the local executive to include in the first modification of the budget for the year 2022, an item of 8.000 euros "to start", destined to draw up a specific plan for prevention and protection against fires at the Ramblars plant, that includes, among other measures, "an improvement of the hydrant network or the equipment with thermal cameras that quickly detect any start of fire and a comprehensive 24-hour surveillance service".

A "crucial" measure, according to Escrivá, "to put all the means in this way and act from minute zero to prevent another sad episode for Xàbia such as the last Ramblars fire from repeating itself". Above all, -as Escrivá explained in plenary session-, "after the Ministry has opened a sanctioning file to the Xàbia City Council in which they point out, several times, not having seen in Ramblars any type of prevention or control system to combat the propagation of fires” and that, in addition, the Ministry points to the alleged commission of a serious infraction of Law 22/2011, of July 28, on waste and contaminated soil because the vegetable waste transfer plant is operating without the corresponding authorization of Ramblars, -currently closed to the public-.

"One more reason", -said the mayor-, "to include the improvement of security, prevention and protection against fires in Ramblars in the first credit modification of the municipal budget approved in plenary session", and that despite not being finally including Escrivá's proposal on Ramblas, the local government has promised to study it with a view to the next budget modification.

On the other hand, the spokesman xabiero has asked the local government about the low collection corresponding to the fees for the sewerage service, "barely 300 euros, of the 291.000 planned for 2021". A "very worrying figure", -according to Escrivá-, "if we really want to take on the challenge of modernizing and extending the sewage network in Xàbia and all together face the ecological threat posed by the tide of wipes that appear on our beaches and in the riverbed with each episode of rains”.

No beach for dogs, another year

Finally, the mayor has asked if finally this year from the Department of Services a beach for dogs is going to be enabled, "since since 2019 more than 10.000 dogs have been registered in Xàbia and it is a reiterated claim in the time, which would allow the enjoyment of bathers with their pets in a limited area of ​​the beach”. A question to which the mayor of Services answered again that, despite having 25 kilometers of coastline, this year she does not see the possibility of enabling any bathroom area for dogs.

  1. I have a bar says:

    Sometimes you forget that a bar is a very worthy family business. And that in Xàbia we are hundreds of families who live from this business. Despising someone because they come from our sector is classist. Someone who leaves a bar knows how to pay suppliers when they have to, what it costs to reconcile income and expenses, the effort to work hours and hours to get things done, to deal with people, to put up with yourself when you're in a bad way to give the best of you behind the bar or in the kitchen… I prefer someone who has grown up behind a “poble” bar than puppies who have known nothing but their match's tit.
    Discrediting someone for being the son of workers is an insult to many families in Xàbia.

    • Manual says:

      Sure man, sure...
      Having worked in a bar is more than enough to be mayor, of course...
      So it goes.

      • Luis says:

        And being a plug without studies but with contacts and political affiliation from the cradle also Manuel. Now let's not go preaching in the desert.

        • sebastian muller says:

          You are a very delusional Cuñao.

        • Luis says:

          A cut and paste with no arguments. Why do you have to have them if the plug already comes from the cradle. As if they don't study anything so much da Sebastian.

    • Luis says:

      Quite right «I have a bar» besides these same ones that degrade the hospitality profession are the same ones that wield «tourism feeds us». Without waiters, where are they going to get the money to eat? Ahhh yes! Speculating and defrauding with their illegal tourist rentals.

  2. Pau (FR) says:

    I am pleased to live in Xàbia and I recognize that there are good things and some other things that… it is mighty good. And yes, it is clear that the reality is imperfect, but of all the available options, it remains with this one. What has eixit d'un bar? Yes, what? A vore if the fills of the working people do not have the right to dedicate themselves to politics. I like the debate quan és enriquidor, but de vegades crec que ens deixem dur per unes altres passions.

    • Louise Waltz says:

      «What has eixit d'un bar? Yes, what?»
      Already, another who would hire someone with no experience at all as General Director for his company.
      This is how it goes...
      Well, nothing, proudly vote for your PSOE, keep bursting Jávea.
      Well done champion! Of course !!!!!

      • Luis says:

        The same thing happens with those of the PP or now it turns out that they have a degree in political science, more years of experience in business management? Everyone, both the PSOE and the PP, as well as those who have joined these new parties, are careerists who function through family contacts, friendships and exchange of favors. And they are voted for in the hope of a favor or some kind of economic advantage. That of the common good or a better society is not even contemplated.

  3. Olga says:

    I voted for him. And the truth is that I enjoy my vote. Hugs.

    • María says:

      Sure woman
      One question, where exactly in City Hall are you?
      a greeting

    • Luis says:

      Olga So you like the perfume Air d' Ramb!ars»? Or do you prefer the “Baby Wipes in the Mediterranean”? I suppose that your house is next to the Ramblars landfill or the new one that they have improvised and that you enjoy bathing in the mixture of beach sand and sewage debris. To taste the colors…. Thank you for showing solidarity with the affected neighbors, vote for whoever you voted for, that does not matter, empathy is your last name…..

  4. Unlock Fernandez says:

    Jávea has what it deserves, they voted for a guy who came out of a BAR, well now to enjoy what they voted for.

    Jávea decided its future a long time ago by choosing this genius of politics and municipal management, with a "0" experience in life and now Mayor, what could go wrong?

    • Luis says:

      Which one of them meets the requirements? Neither. Neither PP nor PSOE and when people vote they don't value them either. Chulbi has won twice with a majority of votes….

  5. Nico says:

    I think it is a constant insult, there is no forgiveness from God, that these people continue destroying Jávea.

    I mean that all these years in the hands of these incompetent mayors and councillors, it will be very difficult to redirect towards a less disastrous course, it will be very difficult to obtain funds, which they have squandered in perugrulladas, to correct the serious deficiencies in infrastructure, transport, greeting etc.

    There is no right for our people to be like this. There is no right for us to pay taxes to see that these people do what they want, they look for their only benefit, they spend everything.

    It is a shame, it is an insult, this situation is unbearable.

    Jávea is a CROWDED, DIRTY and NOISY tourist destination, everything that Jávea was not at all.


  6. neighbor says:

    The Local Government is pathetic, day by day it shows.
    Chulvi, at the Bar didn't they teach you what a sewer is? What is it for? No idea, right?