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Cs Xàbia proposes to discount the ICIO to obtain different improvements

05 July 2022 - 07: 52

In the ordinary plenary session held in the Javea Town Hall, the spokesman for Cs, Enrique Escrivá, has proposed to the local executive that it include a series of bonuses in the tax ordinance regulating the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO).

Incentives for charging points for electric vehicles

Escrivá has proposed that the local executive apply a discount of up to 90% of the ICIO, which is benefited by those companies and individuals who decide to install recharging points for electric vehicles. A measure "so that Xàbia advances in terms of green taxation, betting on cleaner energy and reducing
polluting gases from the conventional combustion private vehicle, especially in view of the shortcomings that we suffer in Xàbia in terms of clean mobility alternatives, such as the lack of bike lanes and a deficient and outdated urban bus transport service”, has the mayor pointed out.

Facilities for SMEs that create and maintain jobs

On the other hand, the spokesman xabiero has proposed that the City Council discount, by sections, those new SMEs in the works, constructions and facilities intended to implement, establish or expand their business activity, depending on the number of jobs that prove that they will create and maintain for at least a minimum time of, for example, three years.

As well as, the mayor has proposed that the City Council give bonuses to those existing businesses and SMEs, which prove that they have not reduced their workforce during the previous two years. Thus, Escrivá has defended these incentives because "with these bonuses from the ICIO, we would send the message that Xàbia is a place to undertake, that is committed to promoting the creation and fixation of employment, helping to seasonally adjust the economy and generating wealth".

Bonus works that favor the access and habitability of people with disabilities

With this bonus of up to 90% of the ICIO that state legislation allows the City Councils to apply for these cases, Escrivá intends that "the City Council helps make the necessary interventions so that the homes where people with disabilities reside are more habitable and accessible, They are also more affordable, and with this, continue advancing when it comes to removing barriers, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities”.

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