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Cs Xàbia asks that the analyzes of the water of the Arenal beach be public

10 June 2022 - 11: 48

The spokesman for Cs Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has asked to know the analyzes carried out in the waters of the Arenal Beach d Xàbia, those carried out both by the EPSAR and by the General Directorate for Water Quality, as well as the independent microbiology analyzes commissioned by the Javea Town Hall, due to the breakage of the emissary of the Arenal Beach and the treated wastewater that is being dumped 50 meters from the beach.

In this line, the mayor has asked the local government "to publish in a section of the City Council's web portal the results of the water quality analyzes carried out", as well as those of the new samples that are analyzed while the works continue. repair of the outfall, and has continued by pointing out that “since the local executive ensures that the waters of the Arenal have optimal levels for bathing, there is no better way to clear up any doubts than to make these analyzes public. In addition, bathers deserve all the guarantees that bathing and enjoying one of our emblematic beaches, such as the Arenal de Xàbia, is safe.
In this sense, Escrivá has requested a "joint action plan between the City Council and EPSAR, to prevent another failure of the submarine outfall from ending up spoiling the summer season in Xàbia".

For this, the xabiero spokesman maintains that "the Chulvi government must stand once and for all in the Conselleria to demand improvements in sanitation and purification infrastructures, especially because of the almost 3 million a year that the City Council collects and transfers to the Conselleria in matters of sanitation, no improvement is foreseen in our treatment plant", as can be deduced from a press release from the Ministry itself, "where among the investments that it announces in the province of Alicante is not Xàbia, and there are already 5 years that we have not received a single euro in investments”.

  1. Montserrat says:

    What a shame of water. You have a drink and you go to Triana. Solution now!!!!

  2. María says:

    How strange it seems to me that there are only two comments on this topic.
    Very rare…

    • IgnacioG says:

      It is that now the articles of those who are the Falleras and the Quintaes have more weight… It is not so rare either, the strange and wonderful thing is that they comment, speak, denounce and do something for their people.

  3. Ezekiel Ramiro says:

    Well, it is a total shame.
    But come on, from minute one this City Hall is embarrassing.
    I haven't said for a long time that I live in Jávea, it's just that they take my colors out with the barbarities of this town.
    When managers are incapable… what happens happens.

    PS: I don't see that this has already been fixed, we are just another place on the Coast, nothing more.

  4. Shame says:

    And what about the comments on the Jávea websites? Are they made public or do we continue to censor them?

    What has been seen in these comments in the last week is from North Korea. Let's see, the main beach of the town, of a town in which not a single public work comes out and where the private ones have destroyed things like Cabo de San Antonio-La Corona, and are going to do the same in El Portichol, it is so scandalous as it is a shitty sea of ​​tourists for tourists. All the prissy posh in the world who come to take selfies, then bathe their sacrosanct buttocks in town poop. That sandbank that is flooded, that attracts tourism and that has not received a worthy investment, that its best places have been closed due to the negligence of the city council (which should have promoted them as a source of tourism), the same one that maintains Tangó with a concession administrative despite the fact that they MISTREAT all tourists, because that sandbank is full of shit for those who go swimming in it and they tell us that it is nougat.

    And Javea.com censors and Xabiaaldia removes comments. Congratulations. I hope you get money out of that phone call. Then you will complain about the corrupt here and there.