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Cs Xàbia asks to clarify the causes of the fecal contamination of the Arenal beach

27 July 2022 - 10: 33

The spokesman for Cs Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has spoken about the sudden closure of the bathroom on the beach of the
Arenal, decreed yesterday at 14:30 p.m. The mayor has asked the local executive to make public the results of the analysis of the quality of the waters of the Arenal Beach of Xàbia taken last Monday, whose values ​​of
fecal contamination have caused the closure of the bathroom in the Arenal Beach.

A fact that, according to Escrivá, “is not only bad news for the image of a tourist town such as Xàbia and for an emblematic beach such as Arenal, whose water should be in excellent condition 365 days a year.
days of the year; but it is also especially worrying, because we also do not know what state and contamination values ​​the water in the Arenal beach was in the days prior to this past Monday, when the analysis that led to the closure of the beach was carried out.

As the mayor has pointed out, "it is a situation that must be resolved as soon as possible, because bathers have the right to know from what days they have been able to bathe in the waters of a Xàbia beach that were not in conditions." And he added that “now, the most important thing is that the water analyzes continue to be carried out, to provide certainty by publishing each analysis carried out and to do everything possible so that the results return to the usual values ​​and the water is suitable for bathing as soon as possible. ”.

In this line, the mayor has reiterated the importance of knowing "how we got here, having to close suddenly and without knowing until when, one of the flagship beaches of Xàbia such as Arenal, for far exceeding the maximum values ​​of pollution allowed”, and to all this, we must add the confusion, inconvenience, indignation, bad image and negative consequences for tourism that this situation implies.

Therefore, the xabiero spokesman has pointed out that "it is necessary that the results of the water analyzes carried out after July 11 be made public, - since this is the last result made public by the City Council, whose contamination values of water, as it appears on the City Council page, were practically non-existent,- and in this way, we will have to clarify among all, since when and for what reasons, in just 15 days there has been an escalation of the values ​​of fecal contamination on the Arenal beach to the point of having to ban bathing. Something that we must find out as soon as possible, especially to try by all means, that a situation like this does not happen again”.

Lastly, Escrivá has proposed promoting the Observatori de l'Aigua, to "rise once and for all to the first division in terms of sustainability, water use and the integral cycle of water, opening this Observatory to participation", -since there has been no This consultative and advisory body on the integral water cycle has been convened for years -, integrating on the one hand, both entities such as the Public Entity for Wastewater Sanitation, "and by the way, that they listen to our requests to promote the third phase of the treatment plant and complete the integral water cycle”, and on the other hand, also counting on entities and associations involved in the protection and defense of the environment and our natural heritage.

  1. Anonymous says:

    More and more opportunists, the shit has been there for months and now is when you speak, all the politicians of the local parties are just as pathetic

  2. poo beach says:

    You have made us the people of shame. Over and over again, systematically appearing in the press, ruining our reputation. But no, not even remotely thinking that the town hall is too big for you, and not to mention resigning.
    Know that the closure is going to cost a lot of money to the businessmen of the sandbank, at a time of maximum economic crisis, although I know that you do not care about that, it does not affect your lives or your little salaries, right?
    What a sentence we have with you, one after another, over and over again...

  3. Francisco says:

    This is a shame, the area of ​​the sandbank and its residents have abandoned us and now what was missing is also the beach, but let's not forget the streets, the dirt in the areas to deposit garbage, the cleaning of the vacant lots that we go out any day ablaze.
    This government only cares about the parties and the area of ​​the town, it is a shame and then it gets offended when the businessmen call its attention. Neither he nor any councilor nor part of the opposition has any shame.

  4. Photographer says:

    Another opportunist who goes out to shake shit and be seen in a photo

    • bad photo says:

      So, according to you, what the opposition has to do is shut up so as not to shake the shit.
      Maybe you still haven't realized that we have shit floating around in the Arenal and that may not be enough for you, but many others are outraged.
      Resignation, dismissals and assuming responsibilities, that is what those who govern us should be doing, who are the ones who have brought us to this situation.

      • María says:

        That pipe has been spouting shit since MARCH, since MARCH.
        I also see opportunistic.

        • Luis says:

          Totally agree. Now they talk. Where were they before?

        • Selective Blind says:

          They were in the press, in the plenary sessions asked about it and the councilor on duty answered that everything was fine, the environmentalists were warning of what was happening.
          And what you see is opportunism, you don't see ineffectiveness, inefficiency, lack of capacity, etc., no, the problem is that it is said that there is shit, not that there really is.
          Well, nothing to keep looking the other way but it will be difficult to stop seeing it.

        • Luis says:

          Selective Blind:
          Now it's time to score merits? In both the Arenal and Ramblars situations, the Ecologists have been the first to denounce and fight. A shame that the rest have remained silent. But if they want to do something now, do it now and not remain in the empty, passive and immobile discourse that characterizes them.

    • Jeronimo says:

      Useless political scoundrels I have spent 1 week of vacation from 19 to 27 bathing in that beach and now they come out with this. Scoundrels

  5. Alex says:

    Impossible with this disastrous and non-transparent government. Asking for pears from the elm tree with a mayor who parades ridiculously with the offering of the Moors, but keeps quiet every time there is a problem. He has no shame or political coherence.

    • Luis says:

      Apparently, working in a bar gave him the necessary experience to manage the municipality of Jávea.
      It seems a lie, right? But it's true. Unfortunately it is reality.

      • IgnacioG says:

        Speaking of working in a bar…they can put Edgar Slama from «Javea Company» as mayor and Antoinette Sassen as Councilor for Celebrations. Then they could already give themselves their own licenses. Do you think it's better?

        • Julia Pons says:

          Damn, you're not fucking funny. Giving people lessons on what to think or do…pathetic.