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Cremà del Pi de Sant Antoni de Xàbia

January 13 from 2024 - 07: 22

One of the traditional events of the festivities in honor of Sant Antoni is the Cremà del Pi. A Valencian festive tradition whose origin is attributed to the agricultural society's veneration of saints to achieve good harvests and fertility of their animals. This celebration is in charge of the El Tirasset Equestrian Club of Xàbia.

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When is celebrated?

This event is usually celebrated either on the Saturday before Saint Anthony's Day (if it falls at the beginning of the week) or on the following Saturday if the name day falls after Wednesday. La Cremà takes place late at night, around 20:00 p.m. In 2024, this event takes place on Saturday, January 13.

Where is it celebrated?

La Cremà del Pi takes place in the car park on Calle San Antonio and is usually accompanied by brass band music. This is an act promoted mainly by the Equestrian Center of Xàbia The Tirasset and in it nuts and mistela are distributed to all attendees.


Transfer of the Pine

The act of the Cremà is accompanied by another, the transfer of the pine tree. An activity that takes place in the morning. The transfer of the pine tree is a symbolic act, since the structure that is actually burned is usually already installed and prepared. In this celebration, pack animals move the pine tree from the vicinity of the Plaza de la Constitución to the area known as El Ravalet (Calle San Antonio).

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