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Convened the 'III Showcase contest, balconies and decked streets' of the Fiestas de Loreto 2019

August 09 from 2019 - 13: 37

The Association of merchants and businessmen of Duanes de la Mar, XÀBIA PORT, in collaboration with the Comissió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto, wants to contribute to enhancing the celebration of the festivities and encouraging neighbors and merchants to beautify the marine neighborhood during your celebration To do this, it announces the contest of Showcases, Balconies and Streets Engalanadas 2019 that this year celebrates its third edition.

Terms & Conditions

Any establishment, block of neighbors, balconies of private homes or streets of Duanes de la Mar may participate in each of the three types of decked out by previously enrolling in the Comissió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto (Severo Ochoa street), in the Restaurant Cande (Santísimo Cristo del Mar street) or in the Baret dels Bous. The maximum date to do so will be on Thursday, September 5 of 2019.

When registering, participants must provide the information of a representative indicating their name
complete and telephone number in order to facilitate the work of the jury when making the award.

The windows, balconies, facades and streets that participate must be decorated between Friday 30 August
and on Sunday 1 of September of 2019 in order that they shine during the big week of the holidays. The theme of the decorations will be free in order not to put barriers to the creativity of the participants. This does not mean that you can resort to sailor and allegorical motifs to the parties of the Mare de Déu de Loreto. In any case, they cannot be offensive or in bad taste.

The Mayoral and Mayoralesas 2019 homes will not be able to participate since it is understood that, by custom, the entrances of their homes are usually adorned with the traditional "Portalaes". The jury will especially value all those adorned whose preparation is handmade, made with recycled materials and made by their owners or neighbors.


The composition of the jury will be odd in order to facilitate the final result in case of a tie and will consist of members of the association XÀBIA PORT, the Comisió de Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto, neighbors of Duanes and artists linked to the world of arts plastics that provide a professional vision to the verdict.

In the event that bad weather or vandalism affects any of the participants, it will be the responsibility of the jury
Decide how to value such work. The jury can declare the contests deserted if it considers so.


There will be a single winner in each of the three modalities, with the prize of 300 euros in the category of Sneaky Streets and delivered in cash. In the case of the categories of Showcases and Facades or Decked Balconies it will be 150 euros each to invest in any of the shops associated with the entity XÀBIA PORT.

The Comissió de Festes will deliver a badge to all the participants in gratitude for their effort, interest and collaboration to enhance the management holidays and the Duanes nucleus during these special days.

The jury's decision will be announced on Saturday 7 of September of 2019, starting at 13: 00h, approximately,
during the celebration of FESTA DE CARRER that will take place in the Santísimo Cristo del Mar street.

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