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CpJ statement: "We want to explain the reason for our decision"

15 June 2023 - 22: 05

As you know, yesterday the Popular Party of Xàbia reported that it had obtained sufficient support to govern in Xàbia. Wednesday was a very intense day and, therefore, today with more calm we want to explain the reason for our decision.

At CPJ we have held talks with the two majority political formations and after carrying out a serene analysis of the real options offered to us by the PP and PSOE respectively, and taking into account the responsibility involved in tipping the balance between two political forces that are practically in a technical tie. (34 votes separate them), we have decided to sign a government programmatic agreement with the PP for the next 4 years.

We have made this decision because we believe that the PP is the party that, from respect for our electoral program, offers us the greatest guarantee of participation in municipal management and will allow us to work to achieve our objective of improving Xàbia.

We acquire the firm commitment to govern for everyone, without ideological bias, and with the greatest respect for all the formations and people who, by decision of the people of Javiense, will be part of the new municipal corporation that will be constituted this Saturday, June 17.

On the other hand, given the malicious statements and insinuations that have appeared in the press in the last 24 hours, we feel the need to express our point of view on the matter.

In a scenario of dialogue and political negotiation, the strategy and timeframe for reaching agreements and making them known to the public are set by the interlocutors. In this case, the political parties with municipal representation came out of the polls on May 28, and it does not seem admissible that slogans and instructions be given by sources other than the negotiating parties, giving fuel to interested leaks that from the first minute have tried to influence in the negotiations by sending trial balloons that have made the negotiating climate rarefied to generate suspicion among the citizens.

We also want to correct the affirmation of acting Mayor Jose Chulvi about "that CPJ breaks for the first time its rule of giving support to the list with the most votes, which was that of the PSOE." That's a lie.

In the plenary session of June 15, 2019, CPJ did not support the candidate on the most voted list (PSOE), and the reason was because the necessary conditions of confidence were not met for our vote to go to Jose Chulvi. That same distrust has not been dispelled during the last 4 years and has weighed on the negotiation with the Socialist Party.

Regarding the affirmation of the degree of compatibility (95%) of the PSOE and CPJ program and without going into details that would demonstrate our differences in fundamental aspects, it is FALSE that this was our approach.
What CPJ has affirmed is that the starting point in the negotiations was our program and that accompanied by sufficient guarantees that allow us to play a decisive role in the eventual government and in the management of projects, and not a mere testimonial role.

On the other hand, we find it provocative and foolish that Mr. Chulvi allows himself to use expressions such as "what they were looking for was to place their people".

Out of prudence and not to blow up bridges of understanding, we will not enter into this provocation. Just to remind you that your subconscious has betrayed you and you were thinking about 8 years of absolute majority of the Socialist Party.

  1. Poor Mavi says:

    Mavi Pérez is a troublesome person whom no one loves or respects. Wherever she has gone, she has screwed up. And if you can't ask. Now she gets into politics so that her ego and checking account grow. And she surrenders to VOX without daring to take a photo with them because, on top of everything else, she is a coward.

    Mavi, you will be a councilor, but no one will love or respect you. Not even yourself.

  2. Salvador says:


  3. Roberto says:

    Until a month ago, 90 percent of the comments were against Chulvi and his party. Now that others try to work in another way, 90 percent of the comments are against these new features. I wonder what people who write only destructive criticism against everything and everyone are looking for, maybe they should look for other methods to communicate. With a minimum of respect, objectivity and above all education.

    • barts people says:

      If it sounds like you, we will remain silent while the ultra-right enters the Jávea City Hall thanks to a party that was supposed to be constitutionalist. Shame on us after all the way we have traveled since Franco's death that we return to this situation.

    • Such is the essence of says:

      The issue is that until a month ago Chulvi's stoned passed on everything, now they realize that the bargain is running out and they get into the forums with the “uh, the ultra-right is coming”.

      When Bidlu, the extremist podemites and the coup plotters seem fine to them for dirty pacts.

      We are going to have them organizing demonstrations as well. The price of light will matter soon.

      As regards Jávea, the best news in 12 years. And yes, thanks to Mavi and Vox.

      • barts people says:

        I see that the extreme right, that citizens exercise their constitutional right to opinion makes them uncomfortable, His words give off a certain smell of vindication of Francoist censorship.

  4. indignant says:

    With Chulvi's indecent comments about cpj's wishes to place people, it's enough to see his true mood. When she looked for you to help she did not have that fear. She now dares to guess the future or to think that everyone is and seeks what it is and has sought.
    And luckily, they have still "placed" him in the Corts, oh poor thing, he has never sought to place himself!

  5. xabiero says:

    Tell all those who criticize the pact that this is democracy, and they have the right to criticize, but they should understand that when Sánchez made an agreement with all these parties that we all know were against this pact, we had to put up with it, Yes, now I would have to tell Chulbi that you have to know how to win and lose.

  6. Victor the one who wins says:

    As a VOX voter, this statement disgusts me. Mavi Pérez has been disrespecting us for too long. We want a joint photo of the three leaders before Saturday or they get screwed. And if they are ashamed of us, let them drag themselves with Chungui.

    • Ausias Menys says:

      Victor, it bothers me that they do not show transparency and "the photo" of the agreement.
      But faced with the fact that you are still a Vox voter, I thought that you would have to lower your language and moderate your language. Education does not know how to lose mai, face that you are still from Vox.

  7. Tony says:

    A true "potato" statement in which the reason for embracing the ultra-right is not explained. It is implied that they do it with their noses covered but the point is that they do it. A very "little letter" to get by without explaining anything. A dark action that does not reveal the true motives, and that suggests that "some people" in the party have chosen who to agree with, going over the will of Mavi and Juan Ortolá... In the end it is true that they are in his right, but... how strange everything!!! It does not smell transparent.

  8. July says:

    Absolute disappointment of citizens; you may have shot yourself in the foot

    • Ignacio says:

      But they are inside and they already have a charge and a salary. It gives them as much as it does to everyone. As for the explanations… they are plenty.

  9. Cava says:

    Put the photograph of the toast with champagne at the headquarters of the psoe on the night of the elections jijijijiji

    • Sergio says:

      That the Pose is no longer in the Power, leave it, they are not going to pay you this time.
      Turn the page, Chulvi is History, he will go on to her as the most incapable mayor that Jávea had.
      Chulvi the unfinished.

  10. Voter says:

    Everything seems perfect to me.
    Anything was needed to get Chulvi out of the City Hall.
    I'm glad.
    Cheer up and good writing

    • barts people says:

      I remind you that Mr. Chulvi has won the elections in Jávea... The "remove Chulvi from the Town Hall" thing is a phrase that could well come out of the mouth of a coup plotter like Tejero.

  11. barts people says:

    Not a word about why they are going to govern in tripartite with the extreme right…. Please don't disrespect the people who have voted for them and give explanations.

    • Veronica says:

      extreme right?
      You, what movie have they told you?
      Go down to Reality and stop telling stories, that bullshit no longer fits.
      How tiresome.
      Go ahead, look ahead.