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Compromís Xàbia statement: «The Arenal disaster is due to the paralysis and reluctance of the local government»

27 July 2022 - 18: 31

The Valencian formation of Compromís Xàbia has issued a statement on the state of the Arenal Beach and the management of this situation:

La Arenal Beach It is closed in the middle of the high season and both the health of bathers and the reputation of Jávea as a tourist destination have been put in danger. Until the crisis exploded in its face with all its harshness, the local government, embodied in this case by Mr. Chulvi and Mr. Miragall, have complied with their usual manual of non-crisis management: denial of the problem, accuse of being alarmist and/or insult the representatives of the opposition and citizens who denounce it, and finally try to pass the ball and blame other Administrations, without assuming any responsibility or making any decision in the process, until external circumstances oblige.

The Arenal crisis is one more example of a paralyzed government, made up of people who in many cases have been collecting public salaries for more than 10 years and who act as if the problems were not their responsibility and they had no room for manoeuvre.

If we review most of the problems of the Town hall of today -the paralyzed works, the personnel problems, the relationship with cultural and sports entities, the control of tourist flows...- the pattern is similar, a scenario of paralysis and a speech from the government in which it is always the fault of someone else, never yours.

At Compromís we believe that it is typical of adults to assume responsibilities, even when things go wrong, and it is difficult to understand because people who claim that they have no room for maneuver or can act in
nothing is still part of a government: in one way or another they are being dishonest with the citizens they claim to represent.

As for the EPSAR, depending on the Generalitat, despite claiming to have nothing to do with this incident, at Compromís we consider its management more than improvable: both due to the fact that as of July 27 the outfall is still not repaired and because in In recent years, no effort has been made, either by them or by the City Council, to complete the water purification cycle that would avoid pouring sewage into the sea and at the same time allow it to be reused for irrigation or other uses with sustainability criteria.

Unlike others, who live and change their minds at the touch of the one who sends them from Madrid or Valencia, we
we will always put the interests of our people ahead of those of any party.

  1. Mercedes says:

    This town is a joke. One of the most expensive town halls in the country and what our taxes are for. There is money for “little help”, parties and bullfights, but not a penny to solve a serious environmental and hygienic-sanitary problem.

    And already, how do you think the beaches and coast (rocks and cliffs) are cleaned? From storm to storm? Wind? Do we wait 10.000 years to see if shit has degraded? And even the nearby underwater environment. Why don't we lead by example and create a pioneering cleanup team for these matters?

    Abandonment and neglect in the extreme, and without a doubt it is because our problems are not theirs. They have a different agenda.
    They are also smarter and morally superior, so they must be busy trying to ascend to the tenth dimension of light.

    • Juan says:

      First of all, congratulate the politicians and technicians for their management.
      Congratulations because, despite everything, your good salary reaches your accounts every month, and those of us who live from tourism, thank you in advance.
      The level of governance, effectiveness and preparation is evident.
      I am very clear that when someone reads it, it will make him laugh. but they know that. are marked
      Good luck to us, but above all to you and to that class that you think you are. The worst thing in life is ignorance and not learning from mistakes. Basic philosophy.
      A citizen.

    • Manu says:

      Mercedes, 100% true, everything.

  2. Willy says:

    Another ineptitude of Mr. Chulvi and on top of that in Arenal to top it all off, first it was the sewage system clogged by the rains, then it was the untimely closing of premises and now the fecal contamination of the beach, bravo!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those of Compromís are often opportunists, as they like fame and applause, the pot goes to you for power

  4. Henry Cuesta says:

    What a shame. Those of us who come to Xavea every year, it is for its beautiful Plata el Arenal.
    We've been 3 days without being able to bathe.
    Unfortunately no one is responsible
    Is there any satisfactory explanation?

  5. Harto says:

    Good morning such a statement. The entire opposition is complicit in the situation! Those who are quiet even the guilty ones and you don't say it either. The problems have been around for a long time and little or no pressure. Faced with such a catastrophe that had been coming for decades, they should do something, but nothing at all. The only ones who have acted are the environmentalists, with their own means and without charge. The rest of you have touched your noses and consented to all the catastrophes. If they say so much that they work for the people, we don't see it at all. Keep sucking on the pot, you parasitic opportunists!

    • Neighbor, for a little longer says:

      The problem is that everyone is the same, those who govern and those who have voted for them, thousands of people who do not know what Life is all about.
      A pity.
      Javea is over.

  6. Martin says:

    Bravo Herr Chulvi! Im Hochsommer den Arenal schließen, schlimmer kann man eine Stadt nicht bestrafen und nur wegen ihrer Untätigkeit und Unfähigkeit Entscheidungen zu treffen. Dieser Bürgermeister ist schlimmer als Moragues und Monfort in der Vergangenheit zusammen. Jetzt sind wohl die Straßen zu den Stränden in Denia auch noch voller als sonst schon.

  7. neighbor says:

    hahaha, those who were missing now to appear in the photo, those of Compromis.

    Come on!, if that's been broken since March and now to get chest of denouncing the obvious, SHIT has been there for many months, and NOW? now you take the plunge to denounce, denounce WHAT???

    Gang of parasites, all of you, you only know how to grow and grow to get paguitas, disgusting.

    • Josefa says:

      Precisely Compromís and environmentalists have been denouncing it for some time and asking for the integral water cycle

      • Sandra Waltz says:

        Unfortunate that you justify these opportunists.
        After all, everyone is so brave, not everything is as they tell you.
        I hope no one caught something bad.

    • Pedro Diaz Manjon says:

      I would like to know if the spill is already solved or we are with the occult, because even if it was already solved, I doubt it, the many thousands and thousands of meters full of shit deposited at the bottom of the sandbank and its surroundings trampled by all the people who they frequent this beach that will cause it to mix with the water and cause an epidemic, how do they plan to clean it, Mr. Chulvi or not.

  8. mayor resignation says:

    Tax audit now! How is it possible that the old town is pristine and the rest of Jávea is a disaster?
    It is one disaster after another for a city that, although it insists on the opposite, lives on tourism and people who come from abroad to live or spend long periods of time.
    The beach bars are installed in mid-July to make them lose money, it closes important establishments in the sand, giving rise to more crowds in the rest of the restaurants and the sand areas are abandoned, not only the beach that we have been complaining about everything the year since January that there was already dirt those of us who live here all year round also the public areas such as the streets full of shit and waste areas that it is disgusting to go to leave the garbage...
    It's a shame, the new trucks never pass through the sandbank and the road machine only passes by once a month... City Hall resign now!

    • barts people says:

      The premises that you mention in Arenal that are closed, HAVE BEEN CLOSED BY A JUDGE, not the City Council, to enforce the LAW.
      In Japan there are no litter bins in the streets, and paradoxically it is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Perhaps the particular attitudes of some have something to do with it, if we were all more responsible probably there would be no need for a cleaning service.

      • Fran says:

        What does that have to do with the bins? Who has ordered bins? We ask for clean areas throughout Javea, not just one part. Or is it that some citizens are cleaner than others depending on the area?
        The anti-fraud agency of Emperor Xim Puigin is not a judge, although they feel above the law, paradoxically they are not the law, the only judge who has intervened has proceeded to open one of the premises.

        • barts people says:

          Frank; I write for intelligent people, for whatever reason, you have not understood the substance of my message about the bins.

      • LN says:

        Good comment ! Something must be done in Jávea to make people more aware. The pollution of cigarette butts and wipes are not a simple political problem. Of course, with more rubbish dumps and decent toilets in the Arenal, also with the fact of fixing those discharges into the sea in a sustainable way, of course these are obvious and effective actions to begin with... how can we interfere more in political decisions? Whatever decisions, either left or right…we must find a way to interfere…

  9. Barbara says:

    I totally agree with what is stated in the article. It is always easy to point the fingers at the previous government. The present government in Javea has failed. There is no excuse. A city which lives on tourism must give priority to anything you have to do with tourism. The summer is almost over and Arenal is a dirty beach with dirty water and smelly odour. The government should have repaired the sewer much earlier, and hired personnel to clean the beaches much earlier. The government should resign now.

    • Alberto says:

      wise words

    • IgnacioG says:

      Very good Barbara! Tourism has priority and the Spaniards who live here give us. Well done woman! You have no idea how Spanish society or politics works but you think you can comment and above all in English.