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Compromís Xàbia asks to build a medical office in Arenal for the whole year

05 July 2022 - 15: 59

The Valencianists ask for the purchase of a plot of land in Javea Park to build a medical office there that will provide service all year round and revitalize the area.

In the past plenary session, Compromis spokesman Juan Cardona expressed concern about the abandonment of Arenal by the City Council at the level of basic services, especially in the Javea Park area. Cardona proposed the purchase of the plot adjacent to the Sports track, where the prefabricated medical office is located to give it to the Ministry and that a medical office be built to provide service 365 days a year.

According to Cardona, "the Arenal area lacks public facilities such as a permanent public clinic as well as libraries or cultural spaces, which could be planned from the purchase of empty premises, as in the case of the old Nao or others." He also explained that "it is necessary to invest in the Arenal beyond the promenade David Ferrer, since it is a very populated nucleus that must have services like the others do”.

  1. Fermin says:

    Very good proposal, be Compromís or whoever, it is necessary!

    By the way, I see you very upset gentlemen, why don't you take a tila? that the comments have become a nest of rowdy gentlemen

    • Vecino says:

      Aver, covering up rapes and throwing parties for the person responsible…does that comfort you?

      Or does it bother you that we have an opinion on that?

      Clarify yourself, please.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I support the idea but carrying it out any other party that is not PSOE, Compromís or Podemos

  3. you see the duster says:

    What a story those of Compromis, now playing local heroes, denouncing and denouncing with the garden at home on fire, when do you have the trial for covering up rapes?

  4. neighbor says:


    • Pedro Diaz Manjon says:

      Despite the fact that he proposes compromis, it seems to me a very good idea as long as it is carried out as soon as possible.
      It is not fair that Denia has 4 hospitals and 2 outpatient clinics and Javea has one and a half outpatient clinics, we must start the idea now.

      • Yago says:

        Precisely because it is a matter of logic, which will end up being done, I do not want that medal to be awarded by that disgusting Compromis party.

  5. neighbor says:

    Is this requested by the same party that covers up the violations?
    The one who makes the parties to Olona.