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Compromís per Xàbia requests an investigation from the company that has drawn up the General Plan

May 13 from 2021 - 13: 25

The company in charge of the drafting of the Structural Plan of Xàbia (PGOU) and in turn, of the Mobility Plan of the town, Idom Consulting, has been fined, with 640.000 euros, for participating in a plot of manipulation of public contracts between 2008 and 2018, as published by elDiario.es.

Given this news, the formation of Compromís per Xàbia has declared opening an investigation into the contracts that this company has with the City of Jávea, "since it has been shown that it has committed fraud together with other companies."

From Compromís per Xàbia they point out that "in the face of irregular practices we ask for transparency and accountability. Not one euro more from our people can go to those who act fraudulently." Likewise, its spokesperson, Juan Cardona, states that Compromís is aware that this company arrived at the City Council in 2006 when it was governed in coalition by Bloc-Centristes, PSPV and GIX, "but this does not remove the fact that the contracts you have with him Javea Town Hall, since for example the Mobility Plan has been awarded later ", indicates Cardona.

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