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Compromís per Xàbia asks banks to maintain face-to-face care for older people

February 16 from 2022 - 16: 05

Compromís per Xàbia has registered a motion to request banks and other organizations to improve the service for citizens in general and for the elderly and people with functional diversity. In addition, it is requested that these entities do not charge commissions for attention services since it goes much deeper into the digital divide.

The motion also focuses on the financial products offered by entities asking for transparency and clarity to be more understandable by everyone, for which the public authorities are also urged to legislate for fairer and more supportive banking regulations.

Its spokesman, Juan Cardona, explained that “we are committed to public banking but also to private banking that is ethical, fair and close to customers. So we do not understand this inhumane treatment of our elders or the general public.

To these words the Valencian mayor has added Vicent Colomer affirming that “the treatment received by the banking entities is very unfair to the elderly and continues to make life difficult for many workers, businessmen, etc. when dealing with them. For this reason, we expect the support of all forces, because we believe that it is a just and necessary claim.”

The motion will be debated at the next plenary session in February.

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  1. Ignacio says:

    They can debate what they want, the interests of the big corporations are light years away from them.