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Compromís per Xàbia urges the government to regulate the price of electricity and lower costs at the municipal level

15 June 2021 - 13: 59

Compromís per Xàbia reopens the energy debate at the municipal level with the presentation of a motion in which the government is urged to regulate the price of electricity, and lower costs at the municipal level, through investment in renewables from the Town hall y AMJASA. This would be through aid to the installation of plates
solar. The training wants to study the possibility of promoting a Local Energy Community through the use of photovoltaic energy.

In addition, the motion also urges both the Government of Spain and the Valencian Council to study the viability of creating a public energy company that favors comxicotetion in the sector and benefits consumers. Finally, the city council is urged to contract the electricity supply of public buildings
municipalities to energy cooperatives based on the use of renewables.

In this sense, the Valencian spokesman, Juan Cardona has commented that "it is necessary to address a regulation of the energy market, but we know at the state level it is difficult due to the existence of revolving doors of ministers towards electricity and energy". To which he added that "we need to take the initiative
from Xàbia to promote cooperative communities of renewable energies to lower costs of both electricity and water ”.

In addition, Cardona recalled that “the City Council has a very important remnant and we are also going to receive a lot of funds from Europe. It is the perfect time to reduce costs to citizens, guarantee stability in the
price and start the energy transition at the municipal level ”.

To these words has been added Vicent Colomer who has pointed out that “Spain is at the tail end of solar energy production while it is one of the areas with the most hours of sunshine a year. It is not understood that exaggerated rates are charged to people when we could generate much cheaper energy ”.

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