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Compromís per Xàbia will announce its candidacy in an open act

21 March 2023 - 12: 22

The appointment with the polls is just around the corner. From Compromís per Xàbia they announce their campaign start with an open act in which they will announce the people who will be part of their list for the next municipal elections.

For this event, scheduled for April 3, at 19:30 p.m. in malabrasa, will be attended by the Deputy in Congress, Joan Baldoví and the candidates for the Cortes for Alicante, Mª José Calabuig and Gerard Fullana and a component of the Valencian formation of Xàbia, Quica Gil.

  1. Philip Sanchez says:

    What a shame about a game, these have destroyed a dream for many Valencians
    Compromis has become a feminist party.
    It is far from the BLOC that his aspiration was to fight for the VALENCIA COUNTRY
    You don't have my vote, says a former BLOC voter

  2. Clive Read says:

    Can someone Please email me with the contact person and eMail at Compromis (GIVE and TAKE) Party. I have had an outstanding and incredible professional career before relocating (SORRY – becoming an IMMIGRANT to Javea on 25th June 1986. Founded APASA (though the current website states «and finally the Brits joined in»! Founder with Susan Bultitude, Colin Marcus, Kees Romeign, Fred van Helderen, Per Svennson and others and General Secretary and Monthly Bulletin news gatherer and Editor for 12 years of Javea International Civic Society, before it was DESTROYED in an AGM AMBUSH from a group of troublemakers.Brought LIVE with CLIVE on 105 to Radio Javea every afternoon from 3-4pm when Spaniards were having their Siesta. Founded Javea Good Neighbors Club and Javea FreeCycle. My wife and I founded Javea Evangelical Church – the first Protestant church in Javea to have its own 24/7/52 premises ( albeit-rented). I know the GAME! What GAME? Every GAME! I have 2 over.riding rules on my life. TRUT H – even if it is Detrimental to me. 1. If my manufacture (GOF) tells me to DO something, I DO IT, and never change my mind, The outcomes has been prenominal despite my total inexperience. I am an 2 yeras YOUNG OXYMORON snd PRAGMATIST (Proud of mu Humility). †††Clive

  3. Alex says:

    Compromís will have 4 councilors. And if not, ha voreu!

  4. Ricardo says:

    What is Kika still doing out there??

    • duaner d'esquerres says:

      Well, look for the same thing as everyone, the peseta... how difficult it is to be d'esquerres to this town!!!

    • Maria says:

      With Caturla at the head of the list they have a difficult time, at best fishing the work of the previous councilors...