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Compromís elevates to the Senate the state of the cove and chalet of the Minister of Xàbia

August 03 from 2020 - 16: 06

Compromís expressed, during the course of the July ordinary plenary session, his concern about the state of the minister cove and for the unlicensed fencing that has been done in the chalet. The Valencian mayor, Vicent Colomer, claimed greater control over the actions carried out as well as cleaning and maintenance of the cove.

So Colomer warned that "The situation of the walkway is totally precarious, in addition to the structure of the chalet itself, which is underpinned and makes it a very dangerous area due to the possible arrival of another storm in autumn". To what he added "It is shameful that Costas has so abandoned. The City Council must urge this administration to act before we have to regret a disgrace ”.

In addition, in coordination with the senator of this formation, Carles Mulet, they have presented a series of questions to the Government about the need to carry out actions in this space for the adaptation and preservation of the cultural and environmental heritage of the Queen's Banys. In this way, the Valencian formation has
manifested its disagreement with the current concession and proposes the renaturation of the area with the aim of preserving the original state of the cove to highlight the archaeological remains present there.

Senator Mulet has transmitted that “We must put an end to the privileges inherited from the dictatorship and that happens by ending the concession that the Rajoy government extended. If the PSOE-UP government truly believes in repair and historical memory, we must return these lands to the Javea Town Hall and to the citizens ”.

In the words of its spokesperson, Juan Cardona, “We do not understand that the concession continues, since the house is uninhabited and in a dilapidated situation. For this reason, we believe that it is better to return that space to citizens. ”

  1. Observer says:

    Citizens what really worries us is where we are going with these phonies who call themselves politicians that the only thing that worries them is the past (what historical memory, that you go with this story) any of those privileged of the dictatorship that you censure They have done more for Spain than you can ever do. This country cannot function with people whose only desire is expropriation and misery and with a burden of political spending that they do not know how to do other than lie, all this lie costs us 25.000.000 euros.

  2. David says:

    And why is it not negotiating with the family to buy their right of use? Two examples:
    + The Parador can keep the concession and rehabilitate the area as a VIP area. The Parador belongs to the State, with which the land is recovered for it. But, of course, the Paradores have been in the ICU for years receiving countless injections of public money, so they are here to buy things.
    + The City Council could negotiate with the family, now that it has a cool million euros from Amjasa, it could explore keeping the concession, rehabilitating the area and making it available to the people. I do not see a better use of the aforementioned million, which belongs to everyone and rehabilitation would be for everyone.
    The family is probably no longer interested in using or investing in rehabilitation, but they have a right and it is normal that they want to assert it, and the way is to have them instead of dreaming of revolutionary expropriations that some like so much.

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