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Compromís blames the Xàbia government for "hiding so as not to make decisions" in the breakdown of the Arenal emissary

13 June 2022 - 11: 33

The Compromís per Xàbia group has spoken out against the controversy caused by the breakdown of the Arenal outfall. In its statements, the group assures that "a decent government must look after everyone's health, it is not worth hiding behind analyzes and reports so as not to make decisions."

According to Compromís, the reaction of the consistory "is a typical example of the Xàbia government's actions: they take refuge behind analyzes and technical reports so as not to make decisions. For his part, the Valencian municipal spokesman, Juan Cardona, has declared: "Until A few days ago, the opposition parties and Ecologists in Action were alarmists, only by following the news and citizen action is it possible for them to act”.

"Beyond the scientific analyzes and criminal responsibilities, which must be decided by the courts, we expect a responsible government, made up of adults, to anticipate and make political decisions: we may be putting bathers in danger," adds Cardona. . "The government is putting economic benefit and a supposed tourist image ahead of the health of the citizens whom it theoretically represents: a decent government must look after everyone's health," she concludes.

  1. Francis Torres says:

    You are not shy about posing for the photo on duty smiling. I am ashamed of my people

  2. Lou says:

    You see, until someone gets really sick from the spill they don't do ANYTHING.

  3. Montserrat says:

    In the sandbank you literally bathe in shit. Thank you Chulvi

  4. PLEASE says:

    Chulvi, this is past dark brown.

    It is clear that someone has to solve the serious problems of Jávea, things are going very badly, fatally.

    Please, if you see that you do not know, you can, or you want to fix the chaos of Jávea, PLEASE ask for help from anyone, that your pride cannot, PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • position says:

      They have asked for two consultants, one paying a fortune to explain how to avoid the shit that collapses in the sewer, the other to prevent the police from going to other towns, more modest.

      The question is, what do they have advisors for? Or what are they for?

      Not a work in 6 years without unfortunate problems. Not even a good pruning to avoid fires. Neither the shit management, nor the police.

      But every day Chulvi posing in some imbecility.

      • santaella says:

        Now, the amazing thing is that people swallow everything, that they allow this individual to continue in a position that is obviously BIG for him!

        Smiling Chulvi poses in photos, people greet him on the street (exclusively his family and balls), while Jávea dies.

        This SHIT on the beach doesn't seem to interest anyone at City Hall, hundreds of workers who don't really know what they're doing, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING????

        • IgnacioG says:

          Getting paid for doing nothing is what they do, that's why there are people who greet them on the street, those who get paid or aspire to get paid. That is the society of corruption that we have been feeding for decades now.

  5. Joan says:

    Fix this now simbergüenzas, that there are children !!!!!!

  6. Jan says:

    I am from Slovakia. sometimes I come here on vacation for 20 years. as the world changes, so does Jávea. Cars, roads, roundabouts, houses were added. lost fish in the sea When I come by car from Puerta to the sandbank, the smell of the septic tank already stuns me on the bridge over the canal. values, the measurements can look good on paper, but the smell and the spring a few meters from the beach as it gushes into the sea and the sight of the people who are in that pile is quite surreal, even if sometimes you see someone forgotten in anti-covid mask, maybe just against the stench. I am amazed at how the water management works here, how much fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides end up in the gardens and then in the groundwater, the sewers and then in the sea. sea ​​as landfill I do not understand how the locals do not value the sea, thanks to which all tourism works here. I am also amazed how the problem will end for someone if the canal is repaired and the sewage ends up a little further. what the eyes do not see does not hurt the heart.

    • María says:

      With incapable politicians, Jávea is very close to dying.

    • IgnacioG says:

      Thank you for your comment Jan that I fully share. Not even I as a Spaniard can understand why here they don't value, want, or respect the most important thing they have. The sea and nature. Both things are a gift and they turn it into garbage.

    • Marcos Ortiz says:

      Thanks for your words Jan, you're right it's all a shame.

  7. Montserrat says:

    I am from Barcelona, ​​I have been coming to Xavia since I was a child. It is the first time that I see the water of Arenal dirty, cloudy and disgusting. Overcoming the dirt of Barceloneta thought it was impossible. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The Arenal has achieved it. Blue flag withdrawn now. What a shame.