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How is the new Chulvi government?

04 October 2021 - 17: 23

El Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, has announced a restructuring of the government team before the resignation due to retirement of the socialist councilor, head of urban planning and first deputy mayor, Isabel Bolufer and the pact reached with Citizens for Jávea.

This situation supposes a reorganization of councils in the government team. On the one hand, Isabel's departure makes the next candidate on the PSOE list join the government, Doris Courcelles, which was already in the previous legislature.

New councilors and councilors

Doris Courcelles assumes the departments of Attention to Foreign Residents and Urbanizations.

On the other hand, the councilor, Pepa Gisbert, leaves Citizen Security, but will continue with Personnel and will be in charge of Urban Planning and Urban Scene.

The mayor and spokesman for Citizens for Jávea, Juan Ortolá It will carry Citizen Security, Civil Protection, Mobility and Transport. He will also be part of the governing board and will hold the fourth mayor's office.

The councilor of CpJ, Susana Ern, opens with political responsibilities in Heritage, Municipal Market, fairs and Traveling Sales.

Inside the PSPV, Tony Miragall assumes the Integral Water Cycle, which will be directly related to its other competences in the Environment and Agriculture, also maintaining Tourism.

Marta Bañuls it reduces its management burden and will focus on the areas of Economic Development and the Duanes neighborhood.

In this way, the rest of the councilors keep their delegations unchanged.

  1. Sonia Kleyman says:

    Still waiting for Mayor Chulvi to look at Botanic Cabanilles in the Port where the trees overhang the properties in the road, they block the sunlight, they meet in the middle, the roots have disturbed the pavement and the leaves hide the damage so that pedestrians, if they can get past, trip over broken paving stones. In the eleven years I have lived here the trees have been pruned once only and then so lightly that they were encouraged to grow even taller and thicker. This road is a disgrace and the most neglected in Javea. I wish the Mayor would stop boasting about how elegant Javea is and take a walk down this road. It would be nice if he even acknowledged my communications, let alone answered them.

    Sonia Kleyman
    Botanic Cabanilles 6, 1A
    607 915 342

  2. Sara says:

    The socialists, they became "caste", of "pellets", what to say, the nickname coincides with attitude, he has a suit with a thousand linings, the suit became old and he decided to agree to order a new one, he needs the pasta, he gives "Touching hair", we all know that it is mandao, who is in charge is the one from "Lluca y Salvadoret", they are the ones who put the money and decide your here and there.

    I will never again vote for the socialists, they have disappointed me a lot, they only think about them, they know that the next elections are at stake and they are agreeing and testing, they made politics a profession, without studying and without training they arrived there, the people of XÀBIA, DOES NOT DESERVE THESE POLITICIANS.

  3. embarrassed, ashamed says:

    That they continue to collect those salaries is INDIGNANT
    There is no right

  4. Ignacio says:

    It is very beautiful and smiling, different faces to do the same and offer the same result. Should we clap?