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The CEIP Port de Xàbia: location, foundation and current services

01 September 2022 - 15: 46
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Public services

The CEIP Port de Xàbia began to function in 1978. It was founded under another name, "José Font", and became the second public school in Xàbia, after the Vicente Tena. Currently, the director is Isabel Moreno.

How was its foundation

When it opened in 1978, it was the National College of EGB José Font. It was built on the old bed of the Gorgos river, almost on the outskirts of the Duanes de la Mar neighborhood, between the newly drawn avenues of Lepanto and Jaume I. At that time, the school was surrounded by orange trees. The school began with eight units of Basic General Education and one for preschool children, and in the following years it was expanded: a building for complete preschool children, and special education, computer and music classrooms.


The CEIP (College of Early Childhood and Primary Education) Port de Xàbia has a main building for primary education and a module for early childhood education, opened in 2001. They have a single line per level. Currently (in 2020) the number of students enrolled is around 235.

dining and activities

El school canteen offers activities carried out by educators, to help fill the leisure time at noon. They make this time more dynamic with games that take into account the diversity of the students, their abilities, ages, cultures and customs. With this educational support we try to develop their social relationships and work on positive values ​​such as tolerance or solidarity. The activities are based on traditional games, collective motor games or musical activities.

Psychopedagogical office

In addition, the CEIP Port de Xàbia has the service of psychopedagogical cabinet. It is made up of professionals specialized in Educational Orientation and Hearing and Language, and reports to the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Educational projects

Technological innovation

In the 2007/08 academic year, the technological innovation project with the introduction of digital board in the classrooms. Also has library, a small school garden and dining room.


In the 2021/2022 academic year, the CEIP Port de Xàbia started a new project: cuinnovart. A project based on Cuisine, Innovation and Art and that is nourished by the involvement of the families of the center and different companies and collaborators.

In this project, scheduled to be carried out in 2022/2023, the students will develop different disciplines in which cooking, innovation and art are combined with each other.

Open school and interlevel education

Since 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic, the CEIP Port de Xàbia has opted to open the classrooms outdoors. The outside area was adapted with tables and chairs to be an outside classroom and thus avoid contagion. This initiative continued in subsequent courses, providing a different dynamic to teaching and to students.

In addition, this school center has started interlevel education. An education that consists of uniting in the same classroom, with a lower ratio of students, schoolchildren from two different courses.

You have all the detailed information in the CEIP Port de Xàbia website.

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