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Civic Punt Xàbia

12 December 2022 - 12: 52
Av del Pla, 122 corner with Saint Tropez street See map
Monday through Friday from 9: 30 15 to: 00 hours

The Cívic Punt is a service offered by the Department of Servicios Sociales in order to serve and energize the community of neighbors and residents of the Arenal neighborhood. In addition, this office has a social worker, a social educator and an administrative assistant. This place also offers educational workshops, talks and recreational activities during school vacation periods.

What is?

The Cívic Punt is the public meeting point where, since 2013, the Comprehensive Care and Community Dynamization Project has been carried out, with which various activities and services are carried out, aimed especially at the population residing in that area, but they are also open to the general population.


The project is focused on different objectives:

  • Revitalize the Arenal neighborhood.
  • Decentralize municipal activity and bring it closer to the neighborhood.
  • Improve the urban, social and cultural reality.
  • Improve the quality of life of the different groups that inhabit the area.
  • Promote the participation and cohesion of the different social agents.

What services and activities does it offer?


1. Comprehensive care

It consists of attending to all those who come with any demand that, from the Cívic Punt, can be solved or referred to the existing social and community resources.

2. Assignment of the Cívic Punt premises to carry out activities of an associative, cultural or educational nature

Some associations, such as AFIDO Xàbia (Jávea Fibromyalgia and Pain Association), make use of this space to attend to their queries, talks or classes.

3.Office of Housing and Social Services

Since 2022, the Department of Social Services has been decentralized, thus bringing basic primary care in social matters closer to the residents. In this way, the Cívic Punt, located in the Arenal, hosts this service to provide its residents with access to information, queries or procedures related to social services (such as dependency requests, large families, emergency aid, Valencian Income, vulnerability reports, information on obtaining a disability certificate, non-contributory pensions, etc…).

In addition, the Housing Office also has its headquarters in this space.


4. Children's activities funded by the Department of Social Services

During the year, open and free activities are planned for children. Among them are playful workshops, storytelling, and a school reinforcement workshop during the course for primary school boys and girls (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) with educational needs in the academic field, parties and neighborhood meetings.

5. Children's activities subsidized by the Diputación de Alicante

Since 2014, the Civic Punt has a subsidy offered by the Alicante Provincial Council for carrying out activities aimed at vulnerable groups. Among them are:

  • Dramatized Stories.
  • Playful educational workshops.
  • School Reinforcement Workshop in summer.

6. Children's activities organized jointly with Red Cross Youth Xàbia

During the academic year, the Red Cross carries out the school reinforcement activity for boys and girls in primary school (5th and 6th) with educational needs in the academic field at the Cívic Punt premises.

7. Activities aimed at adults by the Cívic Punt and by the department of equality and interculturality

  • Community immersion classes for regrouped women.
  • Spanish classes for immigrants.
  • Socio-educational and orientation talks.
  • Orientation workshop and preparation of curriculum vitae.
  • Workshops according to the detected needs.


Av del Pla, 122 corner with Saint Tropez street -
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